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From the President - John Cooley - Allow me a few paragraphs to discuss our community.  I spent too many years in civil strife areas not to appreciate our life here in West Springfield Village.  We all benefit from our community with little expected from us other than to protect our security, remain civil and to support the assets of community (schools, the environment, our Civic Association, neighbors and self).  The Village does not have common grounds, nor does it have covenants that force residents to support it financially as do homeowner associations.  And, we don’t need covenants if we commit to our voluntary citizens’ association, the Civic Association of West Springfield Village.  We have succeeded over the years when other citizens’ associations have failed for various reasons.


Do you remember when we could not use our cell phones in our homes unless you climbed to the upper floors and held the phone as high as possible to get one, maybe two bars of signal strength? Thankfully, the Village West Pool Board of Directors landed a cell phone tower that is now at the end of their parking lot.  That was no small feat as I discovered when I tried to find a cell phone company to locate a tower closer to us.  I failed, but the pool leadership succeeded and I can now use my iPhone and iPad from every room in our home.


Even if you don’t use the community pool, we need to do what we can to ensure it stays afloat.  The cell phone tower helps financially, but the costs of pool maintenance have soared.  It would have cost me over six times as much to redo the white coat and coping on my pool ($27K) as it cost several years ago – so I closed it for about as much as it previously had cost to renovate.  We can’t allow the Village West Pool to close.  There is no county program to render it safe for us and the environment if it is closed.  I’d rather help now rather than absorbing the costs later.  The pool parking lot and pavilion are the only places for us to gather for social events.  The VW Pool Board of Directors are devoting a lot of time to fund raising activities and events – most, if not all also benefit our Village. You’ll see some of their initiatives listed below, but I ask that all of us join in to help them and us, the CAWSV, continue to succeed.  We included a survey concerning the pool – please complete it to help the pool board determine their course of action.

Text Box Upcoming Events

You may recall that in the year 2000, Dick Denny stood up to save our Association when most on the Board of Directors resigned.  Thanks also to Leanna Wilson who stayed on as Treasurer, ensuring our financial continuity. Mr. Denny’s first act was to strong arm me to become the Vice President even without me first volunteering.  His main agenda was to increase our ability to communicate within the village via the Village Crier, email and website.  Later, we added Facebook and NextDoor to our communications media.  No one should now be left out of the communications loop.  I believe that our membership numbers and ability to communicate with each other is key to us remaining a viable organization.



Halloween Party - 4:00 p.m., October 30 at the Village West Pool Parking Lot. Open to all West Springfield Village and Rolling Valley residents. Wendi Dorey (Barnack Drive) does a great job conjuring up fun activities for our children and their parents.  She asks that you bring side dishes, desserts, drinks and water (Wendi will provide apple cider).


You can email Wendi ( for more suggestions or to make suggestions.  This is a family fun activity made even better with the cooperative effort with the Village West Pool.  The pool staff will again cohost this gathering and  simultaneously run their Great Chili Cook‑off.  Great food and fun last year and expect it will be even better going forward.


2nd Annual Great Chili Cook‑off ‑ The Village West Pool will be presenting their Annual Chili Cook‑Off on Sunday, October 30, at 4:00 p.m. in the Pool Parking Lot (7008 Elkton Drive).  This year’s competition has a category for soups and stews as well as cornbread.  Cook and compete or just come to eat!  No entry fee required; prices start at $5 to sample, fixings are provided.  Arrive with your winning entry in a crockpot and ladle in hand by 3:30 p.m.  Grand Prize includes a $25 gift card to a local merchant.  Contestants RSVP to Lisa by October 20 at  Those like me who just want to eat can pay at the pool on the day of the contest.  Online registration is available at  Hope to see you there!


Rolling Road Widening Project - The biggest challenge we’ll face in the foreseeable future will be the widening of Rolling Road (RR).  The intent is to add capacity to Rolling Road to handle the assumed increases in traffic volume.  Assuming they will widen the road, what can we do to help guide them to the best solution for us, especially those along RR.


Our last meeting with VDOT is 6:30 - 8:30 p.m., October 11, in the cafeteria of Rolling Valley Elementary School.  I know you must also be tired of the on‑again, off‑again project, but it looks to be a “go” this time.  Every time we mention this project someone in the Village will pipe up saying “ôwhat, I knew nothing about this.”  Before VDOT tells us their plan this winter, we have one last chance to influence the final design of the project.  I don’t want to look back knowing we had a chance and didn’t sound off.


We will all be affected no matter how far off RR you live.  Rolling Road residents will suffer loss of property and traffic at their front door, but you can also forget about left turns from Ashford, Glover, Taft and Rivington as well as left turns from RR onto those side streets.  Rolling Valley residents will have to use either Greeley or Barnack to access RR.  You can see the increased traffic within the both subdivisions just to get out onto RR.  Can you imagine the traffic safety issues when all RR residents and those from those four side streets plus Kenwood Oaks have to turn right and then make a U‑turn to go north on RR?


I think it is safe to expect degradation in home values along RR, but also suspect it will affect homes off RR as well, especially during the 2-year project. VDOT’s mission is to move traffic; it’s up to us to make sure they do so with as little impact as possible on us.  Last call for input; see you there.


Village Meeting - 7:30 p.m., October 13 in the Library at Rolling Valley Elementary School.  Yes, I am aware that means a meeting on two nights that week, but three business items need to be conducted:  (1) Ratify the audit report of FY16, (2) pass a proposed budget (with markups as necessary) for FY17 and (3) elect a new board of directors (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer). The 5th member of the board (BOD) is the immediate Past President, a position that Kirby Myers fills for the current board. The Executive Council members are appointed by the BOD. They are the Village Crier Editor, Village Directory Editor, Membership Chair, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator and our Webmaster. As with all business meetings, we have to have a quorum to conduct association business; please join us. And, let me know which BOD position you want.


Election Day 2016 - November 8.  Not sure how we got into this mess, but believe that our dirty laundry is on the line for all to see.  We have to vote; don’t care for whom you vote, but we need to be part of this.  County’s interest in a meals tax will be on the ballot along with three separate bond referendums for just over $300 million.  One of the bond referendums is for transportation to help finance road improvements ‑ interesting.  Fairfax County is now carrying over $2.9 billion in principal owed along with $1.1 billion in interest, but expects to pay off $1.6 billion within the next 5 years.  Some 8.32 -  9.0 percent of county revenue will be used for debt service.  Anyhow, please vote so we can own part of the decision 2016.



Civic Association Membership - Please join or renew your membership in our Civic Association. You can by filling out the attached membership form and mailing it with your $10.00 dues payment to CAWSV, P.O. Box 2204, Springfield, VA 22152.  Thanks to those who have joined or renewed, but we need a banner membership year primarily due to the need to communicate with all about the RR project.  With all we accomplish with just $10.00 dues per household, why wouldn’t you want to join?



Happy Birthday VW Pool!  The Village West Pool will celebrate its 50th birthday in 2017!  We are planning a “Birthday Bash” to be held next summer and need your vintage items!  If you have any album covers, photographs, T‑shirts, etc., from the late 1960's that you would allow us to display at the pool on the day of the party please let us know.  If you would like to help plan the celebration, please contact Lisa Wolfe at Thank you!


Silent Auction - The Village West Pool will be holding a silent auction and social event in early November to raise desperately needed funds for repairs to the baby pool and water slide.  Donate items, services, or simply participate by emailing or by visiting our webpage at  Thank you in advance for your support and for “Saving A Kid’s Summer!”


Serving the World - Wolansa Mekonnen and Tedla Yitna’s son Adam Yitna of 6802 Rolling   Road left on Sunday, September 25, to go to Senegal as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer.  In August 2015, Adam graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Global Affairs.  His parents and now our entire Village should be proud of Adam Yitna!


Extra Reduction to Personal Property Tax - from Edie Moore (Barnack Drive) ‑ If your vehicle has reached the 100,000 mile mark, you can apply for an extra tax reduction. Take written proof to the Fairfax County Government Center to apply.  (A receipt for an oil change or repair service usually shows the current mileage).  PS – This is not like a trip to DMV; no long lines and the staff are very helpful.


Fall Cleaning - Michelle Hamilton (6826 Barnack Drive) will accept any possible yard sale items you may want to drop off at her home.  Her intent is to participate in the spring yard sale giving the proceeds to the Village West Pool.  She asks for legitimate yard sale items that are clean and ready to sell.   As the community yard sale gets closer, Michelle will ask for help and is considering a bake sale during the event.  Again this should benefit us as she intends the proceeds to benefit the community pool.


Civic Association of West Springfield VillageText Box - Board of Directors
Post Office Box 2204
Springfield, VA  22152

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The Village West Pool Board would like to get your feedback regarding pool memberships and activities at the pool. Please take a moment to fill out this survey; your comments and suggestions are appreciated and will help us plan for the upcoming 2017 season. You may leave this form in the drop box at the pool, by the front door. Survey should soon be also found at Thank you for your support!


Did you purchase a pool membership for this past summer (2016)?         Y                       N


If NO, which of the following apply?


_____  The cost of a membership/family membership was not economical


_____  I do not use the pool often enough to purchase a membership


_____  I joined another community pool in the area


_____  Other:  _________________________________________________________________


If YES, please take a moment to leave comments or concerns on the following areas.


Pool Hours of Operation: _________________________________________________________




Life Guards/ Pool Attendants: _____________________________________________________





Aesthetics of the Pool House (Life Guard Shack, Men and Women’s Restrooms): ____________





Aesthetics of the Pavilion: ________________________________________________________




Adult/Family Social Activities:  ___________________________________________________




Additional Comments: ___________________________________________________________