From Project Manager Hamid Misahian

Excerpt from April Crier

Rolling Road Widening Project – from Project Manager Hamid Misaghian:


Our initial thoughts were no right-of-way would be needed for Phase 1._ After our field inspection plans fr Phase 1, we found out that right-of-way easements needed for the traffic apparatus adjustments and connections at the intersection._ That had impact on the project’s design development and its timing for right-of-way._ Currently the right-of-way acquisition for Phase 1 is on hold until the underground utility design for Phase 2 is determined.


Meanwhile, VDOT has been requested to develop concept plans with undergrounding utility feature between Viola Street and Barnack Drive._ Our consultant is developing those concept plans for further evaluations by the stakeholders._


This does not mean that the project will include underground utility cable, only that they are reviewing the pricing and required coordination from the utility companies.  I did get a call back from the new Preliminary Engineering Manager, Andrew Beacher, who took Terry Yates’ position.  He’ll gather more information and get back to us, but he wanted to make sure that we know that they are only studying putting the cables underground, not that it has been included in the scope of work.            

I will include in the enews if/when I do get their response.  If you are new to the Village or just now getting connected to our information loops – let me know and I can provide background information about the project. You can start here: