Rolling Road Update 11/23/17

Rolling Road Project – No, the sky isn’t falling, but practically every time I mention the project, someone will pipe up stating unawareness of the pending effort to widen RR. In my opinion we have to be prepared for the worst knowing that it won’t be. VDOT will do the project in phases all-the-while keeping at least one lane open for northbound (NB) and also southbound (SB) traffic. Expect some go around or more cut through traffic as drivers seek ways to avoid flagmen. Those living away from RR should prepared to accept RR homeowner cars parked curbside in front of interior village homes. Anytime utilities are relocated – we stand a good chance of service interruption, but the utility companies are on board and interruptions should be minimal.


Most importantly, we need to communicate RR access closings and changes to daily plans. VDOT is again talking to me. I expect they will convey changes as they happen during the project. I would love to be able to send their messages directly to all in the village.


The noise abatement barriers will certainly change the landscape, but we see them everywhere now. VDOT has assured me that the noise walls will not amplify nose and reflect very little. VDOT sent links to noise walls and also to the property acquisition process. Knowing what will happen and the process for that to happen are critical to preparation. Here’s the links: and


It ain’t all gloom, doom and despair on RR. Suppose we need to focus on getting ready hoping the outcome will actually benefit our village. Encourage all to be at the VDOT meeting 6:30 – 8-30 PM, 30 November in the cafeteria at Rolling Valley Elementary School.