Village Cleanup

Excerpt form Village News 6/7/17

Village Cleanup and Last Chance Corral24 June, 8:00 AM – 12:00 noon at the parking lot of Rolling Valley ES. Yes, we wanted a different date and even published that date in the directory, but we are lucky to get the 24th. This one event more than pays your cost of membership, but civic association membership is required. Rolling Valley subdivision residents are also invited to join our CA and to partake in the cleanup. Get rid of old grills, appliances, mowers, bikes, furniture, old tires (off rim) and other items too large for curbside pickup by your trash company. And, it is free for our civic association members. Membership forms will be at the site for those who still need to join, but we will ask you to join for current membership/fiscal year 2017 and also for FY18. $10.00 annual Civic Association dues is a fraction of what it will cost for your trash service to do a special, curbside pickup at your home.

            No regular household trash, brick, mortar, ceramics, concrete, stone, dirt, engine oil, car batteries, paint, roofing shingles, drywall, asbestos, glass, waste animal, yard debris, brush or hazardous materials.

            If we have a pickup and crew, we can ideally help those who may need help moving items to the site. But we need a volunteer with pickup and several to crew it. Please remember that they will be your neighbors and not paid staff.

            Let me ( / 703/451-7055) know if you will help at the site or as a crew member on a pickup or help at the Last Chance Corral (see below). Also let me know if you need assistance moving items from your curb to the parking lot at Rolling Valley ES. No guarantees, but we do try.

            Last Chance Corral – Just short of the Jaws of Junk, we put useful items in the Last Chance Corral that can be taken by anyone stopping by. This has been a very meaningful way to reduce and reuse items that still have useful life. So even if you have no junk, stop by to see if there may be a treasure for you in the LCC. Kids love watching the county crew operate the site. Again look for any updates in the weekly enews.

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