Village News, 09/03/20

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

We’re halfway home with membership count; only another 175 to go. Thank you for joining or renewing your membership.

    We say this often, but if or when you think the comments are directed at you, remember that I send the enews to myself and BCC (blind carbon copy) all the other village email addresses. But, if the shoe fits…

    COVID-19 Update – The latest from Fairfax County concerning the virus can be found here.  And, check out this COVID-19 Information Page on FaceBook:

    Virginia’s COVIDWISE Smartphone App – Mark Gilbertson (Hathaway Court) wanted to alert all to this new app (COVIDWISE) designed to help control the  virus. It is free and uses Bluetooth technology to anonymously track when someone has been exposed to the virus. It has been downloaded by 11% of the state population with a smartphones, well short of the 60% goal.

    Those who have tested positive receive a unique pin from the Virginia Department of Health’s contact tracing team, which they can then input into the free COVIDWISE app. The app then alerts phones that were near the positive patient for at least 15 minutes that they’ve been exposed.

    Virginia’s COVIDWISE app doesn’t use GPS technology, so a user’s whereabouts aren’t tracked. Once the app is downloaded, a user’s phone will be assigned an anonymous Bluetooth “token” that is exchanged with other nearby phones that have the app. If you are within 6 feet of those with that unique pin for at least 15 minutes, you’ll get a notification letting you know about the exposure.

    Flu Season – the CDC recommends getting the flu vaccine in September or October. Since it takes our bodies two weeks to create antibodies after vaccination, getting the shot too early could result in less protection against the virus later on in the flu season, especially for us older adults. Follow the guidance of your Primary Care Doctors.

    Benefits of our Civic Association of West Springfield Village: 

              1) When you can actually see oncoming traffic when stopped on side streets before entering Rolling Road traffic – thank your civic association (CA), and Image Works. VDOT can’t allocate resources frequently enough to keep the grass, weeds and shrubs low enough so as not to block the vision of drivers.

              2) Knowing that your child’s school bus is safer turning onto Barnack Drive from Rolling Road to get to Rolling Valley ES or when the bus is attempting to reenter RR traffic, thank your civic association (CA), the RVES PTA and Mrs. Jan Vaughan from VDOT. CA President and then RVES PTA President Deb Staron drove to Richmond 12+ years ago to meet with Virginia’s Transportation Secretary to present our case for that traffic light. Our Delegate at that time, Dave Albo arranged the meeting and later VDOT’s Jan Vaughan had the courage to set aside the warrants and found the money for that project.

              3) When a potential home buyer or potential renter has interest in our area, thank our CAWSV Webmaster for our professional website.

              4) When your pet or child takes an unannounced leave of absence and you want to get the word out ASAP, thank your civic association for its weekly enews and even more so our FaceBook Group that hits about 600 subscribers without delay or edit.

              5) When you need to verify the police non-emergency number or the number of your child’s school or the number to report power outages or your district supervisor, thank your CA, Printing Ideas and included advertisers for our Community Directory.

              6) When you want to participate in a community yard sale knowing that more buyers will be in the village due to CA financed ads and signs, well – you know who to thank.

              7) When you need to get rid of an old grill, lawn mower or furniture items that would otherwise cost you $85+ for a special curbside collection, thank your CA and Fairfax County Solid Waste Department for our annual, community-wide cleanup (during non-pandemic years). 

              8) When your family has several CA sponsored social events they can attend during the year in cooperation with the Village West Swimming Pool (normal years, that is), thank your CA and the VW Pool Board of Directors.

    End of World War II - As part of yesterday’s commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the end of World War II, Bruce Slawter (Vancouver Road) wanted to share with you a blog entry that he first posted five years ago during the 70th Anniversary, entitled “America’s Aprils of the Fives and the End of World War II in Europe.”  (  It’s based upon interviews with veterans (or their children) who fought in Europe, but it also contains some observations about the war in the Pacific, which ended on September 2, 1945.

    If you have any stories to share from family members or friends who served in war zones or on the home front during the war, Bruce would love to hear those testimonials as well.

    Needing to Borrow – small, dorm style refrigerator. Village neighbor will probably need to buy a new fridge and needs to bridge the gap with a loaner. Let me know ( and I’ll pass it on to them.

    Our Mailman – another village neighbor wanted to acknowledge our carrier, Mr.  Quoe Vuong.

              “I believe that Mr. Vuong is the hardest working mailman in Northern Virginia.  I’ve seen him delivering mail in really nasty weather after 7 PM on Rolling Road, apparently covering someone else’s route in addition to his own. Every time I see him either walking or driving, he always waves and smiles at me.  It doesn’t matter if it is hot/humid, cold/rainy, or sleeting/snowing his wave/smile always brightens my moment.  He always seems to be genuinely friendly with an air of pleasant optimism.

              In December of the last 4 years or so, I have been giving Mr. Vuong a tip to show our appreciation for the excellent service. In our mailbox the very next day is a very nice hand-written Christmas card thanking us for the modest tip.”

    Stay safe, happy and healthy.

    John Cooley, CAWSV

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