Village News, 10/29/20

Dear Neighbor / Friend,

Well, we have made our last appeal for membership. Thank you for joining or renewing your membership, but as of this moment – we are 35 members short or $350.00 off our funding objective. Might just have to tighten the belt.

    New Neighbors? – Let me know if / when you get new neighbors and I’ll deliver the latest newsletter with a copy of the 2020 Community Directory to you if you want to deliver to them or I will leave it at their door – your call. Neighbors who move into the village after 1 November receive membership in our CA for the rest of the Fiscal Year at no charge – they just have to provide us names, address, phone and email.

    Off Limits - Rolling Valley Playground and Fields – RVES now has students back in the building from 9:15 AM - 4:00 PM, Tuesday - Friday and 9:00 AM - 12:00 noon on Mondays. Playground and fields are again off limits to community members during the times that school is in session. 

    Community Parking Districts (CPD) – Again, the issue of curbside parking came to the forefront. Virginia curbside parking restrictions include parking only in the same direction of travel for that side of the road, no curbside parking of unlicensed, unregistered or inoperable cars or vehicles without a current safety inspection sticker or without a license plate on the from and back of the car.

    In addition, the entire Springfield Magisterial District is a CPD that prohibits the parking of watercraft, motor homes, campers, trailers, vehicles greater than or equal to 3 axles, vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) greater than or equal to 12,000 lbs, and vehicles transporting greater than or equal to 16 passengers (except school buses) on all streets in our communities. Owners can be fined $75 fine for each violation and have their vehicle towed at owner’s expense.  

    Deliveries to Wrong Addresses – there has been a marked increase in home deliveries to include deliveries to the wrong address. This can be particularly troublesome when what is being delivered is prepared food and other perishables. Not sure what we can do to help other than making sure your address is visible from the street and to make sure the delivery service has your address recorded correctly when placing orders. Use the FaceBook Group to report missing deliveries or when you receive someone else’s order. While at this, ask your delivery drivers to slow down!

    Driveways – Received an inquiry concerning asphalt driveways and thought the response may also benefit others in the Village. Taken from Article 11-102.8 of the Zoning Ordinance - Surfaced area shall include asphalt, poured or precast concrete, brick, stone, gravel, or any other impervious surface. Can also use grasscrete or other similar pervious surface. In addition no more than twenty-five (25) percent of any front yard shall be surfaced area for a driveway or vehicle/trailer parking area.

    I do know that asphalt is not as effective when large trees, especially maples are nearby. Walk or bike the asphalt trail along the Accotink Creek (Cross-County Trail) to see the limitations of asphalt under trees.

    Property Acquisition – homes along Rolling Road are now involved with VDOT for the needed residential property to widen Rolling Road. Kim & John Brown offered one additional reason for Rolling Road owners to engage with an attorney:  taxes and mortgage obligations. When an owner receives that check from VDOT, the money is not necessarily all theirs!  Depending on the mortgage status, new property valuations, etc., the mortgage company may take that check. Even if owners do not keep any cash from the acquisition, you may still   owe taxes on that money. We had two legal firms offer to represent homeowners in these negotiations. You can find them on our website or email me for their contact information.

    No Ban Yet on Plastic Lawn & Leaf Bags – County Board of Supervisors still plan to ban use of plastic bags for leaf and yard debris. We are now in a transitional period where plastic bags are still collected and should be until December. The plan calls for a ban effective March 2021 following Public Input hearings. Supervisor Pat Herrity asks that we share our feedback through this two minute survey.

    Note – most of us have our recyclable trash picked up on Mondays. After it is emptied, consider filling that recycle toter with leaves / yard debris in an attempt to cut back on plastic bags. Leave the top open so the trash crew can see that it is filled with yard waste. Or put a sign on it to alert the crew that it has yard waste. Separate yard debris collection normally ends on the Wednesday just before Christmas Eve. That would be 23 December 2020 if Republic stays with their normal schedule. They do collect Christmas trees on the first two Wednesdays of the new year (6 & 13 January 2021) if on the same schedule.

    Curbside Leaves Collections – Mike McCarron’s Image Works Landscaping will vacuum leaves from your curb or blow them to your curd and then vacuum them.  You can ask him to for a free quote for whatever service you want: vacuum up leaves that you pile at the curb – or for his crew to rake and blow the leaves to the curb and then vacuum. 

    Image Works serves our village by maintaining the Rolling Road median and the area around the village sign. Mike is also the son of a village neighbor, Sheila McCarron.

    Contact Mike at mike@imageworkslandscapingcom, or 703/250-7440 and visit his website at

    Voting 2020 – registered Fairfax County voters can vote early at any early voting site from now until Saturday evening. The closest site to us is at the West Springfield Government Center at 6140 Rolling Road. It will be open today and tomorrow (Friday 10/30) from 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM and Saturday from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, 14 – 31 October.

    You may drop off your completed mailed absentee ballot there or at any location during early voting hours. Ballot drop-off boxes are located outside the voting room. Curbside voting is available at every early voting location for people 65 or older or with a physical disability. Curbside voting doesn’t put you at the front of the line, though. Curbside voters should also expect to wait.

    Or, vote from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM on 3 November at our usual polling station (Rolling Valley ES for those on the west side of Rolling Road and West Springfield ES for those living on the east side of RR).

    Virginia does not allow early voters to change their mind and their submitted vote.

    COVID-19 Update – The information page on FaceBook is great single source with links to the scientists and health organizations:

    Halloween - Leave a porch or front light on as the signal that you want to see the youngsters and have treats for them. If no front light is on – walk on by kids. Stay safe and virus free!

    The House of Ruth - a domestic violence shelter in DC is in need for feminine products, toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, diapers, wipes, and either books or activity kits for kids. Laura Rozier and her daughter, Emily are putting together reusable tote bags and filling them with those necessities. They are asking for our generosity to either sponsor a bag ($20.00) or donate new items as described above. If interested, contact Laura at to arrange for donation, pickup or dropping off items.

    Scouting for Food Drive - This year Scout Troop 1501 will be conducting our annual Scouting for Food drive as a drop off event. Please bring your donations to Messiah Methodist Church (6215 Rolling Rd, West Springfield, VA) from 9:00 AM – 12:00 noon on Saturday, 14 November. The troop will collect all the donated food and deliver it to ECHO for distribution to needy residents in the local area. This will be a contactless drop off. No need to get out of your car, the masked scouts will happily do all the unloading. You may also drop off food at his 7910 Springfield Village Drive home before 14 November, and he will make sure it gets delivered.

    Currently ECHO is requesting food items to include Can Tomatoes, Muffin/Cornbread Mix, Can Fruit, Can Vegetables, Tortillas, Can Meat, Instant Potatoes, Jelly, Crackers, Jello/Pudding Mix, Juice (family size) and Tea/Coffee. They are especially in need of personal care items such as Shaving Cream, Razors, Liquid Dishwashing Detergent, Band Aids, Deodorant, Hand or Body Lotion, OTC Pain/Flu/Cold Meds for Children/Adults and Baby Wipes).

    Every year the scouts deliver thousands of pounds of food to ECHO for distribution for the Thanksgiving Holiday and beyond. This year the need is even greater. Please consider donating food this year to help everyone in our local community have a happy holiday. If you have any questions please contact David Kirk (, 703/451-1307).

    Girl Scout Fall Product Sales thru 8 November - Every year Girl Scouts also do a fall product sale which includes candy, nuts and magazines (for new or to renew subscriptions). A portion of the proceeds helps fund Troop activities Although Rolling Valley Elementary School Junior Troop (grade level 4 and 5) are doing virtual meetings, there are still costs (i.e. badges, supplies, etc), and they have started doing in person events in accordance with Girl Scout COVID guidelines. Please support the Junior Troop by purchasing items from Morgan Gregris using one or both of the links below. For Candy and Nuts click on this link Select - Girl Scouts. For Magazines, click on this one Home - Girl Scouts.

    If you have questions please contact Jessica Gregris by email at

    Fall Back! Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday, 1 November at 2:00 AM. Set your clocks back one hour and enjoy a bit more sleep.

    Stay dry, safe, happy and healthy.

    John Cooley, CAWSV