Village News, 10/5/17

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,


It’s Not Personal – Most messages I send out are addressed to myself with you and about hundred of your closest friends/neighbors listed in the blind carbon copy (BCC) line. Have been scolded enough to realize that you see a message that appears to be directed right at you. I do try to block recipients in regards to membership and assure you that you won’t receive any more reminders once Membership Chair Julia Hale posts your membership and dues payment. Thanks to those who responded to yesterday’s message about intent to renew membership.


Village Meeting – Next Thursday, 12 October at 7:30 PM in the Art Room at Rolling Valley ES. We’ll quickly grind through our business (ratify and audit, pass a proposed FY18 budget with markups as necessary and elect a new Board of Directors) and then move to hear from the candidates to fill Dave Albo’s House of Delegates seat. Kathy Tran and Lolita Mancheno-Smoak have agreed to meet with us or send a representative to give their ideas about moving forward in support of our district. Please be there or send a family delegate so we can justify these ladies’ time and make an informed vote in the General Election on 7 November. Come meet the candidates.


Print Version of the Village Crier – we have discontinued the Village Crier. Instead, we’ll use direct mailings to keep those up to date who aren’t on our enews/email distribution. I know it may seem silly to email you since you are on our email list, but many of you do help your neighbors who aren’t receiving these weekly enews. We will need each who receive a direct mailing newsletter to let us (, 703/451-7055) know that they want to continue receiving these mailings whenever we have something significant to cover the cost of direct mail. We intend to send an annual update letter in the September/October timeframe and more frequently for those who want updates. The enews is also posted to our website ( Our commitment to keep all informed remains absolute.


Republic Trash Agreement – The new agreement can be found at our website as attachment to last week’s enews. And, it is attached to this email, but I am willing to send you a copy if requested. The new rates for seniors and military is $70.35/quarter, but the rates for all others will be lowered to $75.50 per quarter. Republic considers us “seniors” starting at age 60. This agreement will be for 3 years, effective 12/1/17 and ending 11/30/20. Yes, it will have a military clause that will also apply to those who have to move due to work reassignment. If you want to accept Republic’s agreement: download and print it, complete and sign and return to Republic no later than 8 December. Current plan is for Republic to send a letter as back up, but primary is this and subsequent enews. Confusion set in with their latest bill that included $0.90 for the landfill extra costs for a portion of a quarter. Your rates are as listed above and on the agreement.


You may want another trash company, but ideally we can limit the number of trash trucks competing for the roads in our village. If you use American Trash, please ask them to direct their drivers to slow down in our village since they often are on their run as our children head to or from school.


Auditors Needed – Need two people who can balance their family’s checkbook to conduct our annual audit. It will take about as much time as it will for you to drink one of my beers or a glass of Suzanne’s wine. Audit will be conducted at my 8131 Edmonton Court home this coming Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Our Treasurer, Liz Greene makes the audit very simple; let me know if you are up for the task (


Free Medtronic Enlite Sensors – Chris Bunyea (Barnack Drive, 703/201-2556) has 2 boxes of Medtronic Enlite Sensors that he no longer needs. These are used in conjunction with an insulin pump for continuous glucose monitoring. Hopefully, someone in the neighborhood can use them or knows someone who can. They are expensive and Chris would hate for them to go to waste. You can call Chris 703/201-2556 to arrange a pick up time.


Stay safe and help promote our village life and the benefits of our civic association.


John Cooley


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