Village News 12/23/16

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,


Again - Merry Christmas! I never claimed to be politically correct nor do I believe that many who claim to be PC are. In fact, I don’t know what being politically correct even means. I spent several years in Iraq where in Zakho (at/about 100,000 population) – we all celebrated each other’s holidays. In fact one of the best Christmases Suzanne and I remember is the year when our Kurdish house manager filled our home with handmade decorations, He also found an old, artificial tree that he decorated with handmade joy. After travelling through battlefields and no man’s land twice, we got home to a wonderful Christmas celebration brought to us by our Muslim, Armenian, Yazidi and Chaldean Christian staff, co-workers and friends. Sure, they had and still have differences, but they respected each other’s religious rights and celebrations. The rest of the world should take a lesson from them regarding civility. Some of you know Haidar Sadiq, our house manager at the time since he is an outstanding handyman and he and his brother Zewar have worked on a lot of village homes.


I will happily include messages about other celebrations, but admit not knowing enough about them. Other than Festivus, write an article to help enlighten me and the rest about your celebrations.


Holiday Decorating Contest - So, we finally got enough judges to announce winners of this year’s Holiday Decorating Contest. I doubt anyone decorates with hopes of winning, but there are a lot more beautifully decorated homes this year. Some stayed with traditional theme with nativity displays that I like. Others used very clever lights, inflatables and props to illuminate the joy of Christmas. Here is the list of homes in no particular order that received votes from the judges. Recommend a leisurely drive with your children and/or grandchildren to admire these and other decorated homes. If you have pictures of these decorated homes, please send to our Webmaster Bob Havey ( or for posting to our website.


Ontario Street – 6702, 6802, 6808, 6809 & 6912

Springfield Village Drive – 8135, 8111, 8212, 8123, 8113 & 7905

Edmonton Court – 8141, 8132 & 8137

Brisbane – 6905

Loudoun Lane – 6909

Hathaway – 6811

Rolling Road – 6724

Elkton - 7000

Vancouver - 6902


* 1st Place in the 2016 Holiday Decorating Contest is Don & Susan Cheney at 6702 Ontario Street.

* 2nd Place – John (Nick) & Carol Baccari at 6808 Ontario Street.

* 3rd Place - Even with judges picking their top 5, we still had a tie for 3rd Place; in fact a four way tie between Richard & Jule Ann Cheslock at 8135 Springfield Village Drive, Bill & Carrie Mast at 8141 Edmonton Court, Stephen & Mary Halfhill at 7905 Springfield Village Drive and Jerry & Lover O’Brien at 6802 Ontario Street. I don’t know how to put that one sign in four yards so I may just put it in mine.


Forecast calls for rain on Christmas Eve and nice weather on Christmas. Stay safe and enjoy!


John Cooley




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