Village News 12/29/16

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,


Short report today, but do want to stay on schedule. Happy New Year Neighbors / Friends! Celebrate New Year’s Eve safely knowing that there are free rides home for those who should not get behind the wheel of a vehicle. 


Townhouse For Rent – Bernie Koehle (Edmonton Court) has a townhouse at 7308 Eggar Woods Lane, Springfield 22152 that is available for rent on/about 2 January. The listing agent is Eileen Gillis who can be reached at 703/509-4173. The house can be seen by appointment now.


Free Loft Bed - Disassembled and ready for a new home.  Call 571/214-7773 if interested.

Free Loft Bed

Rolling Road – I hope you have followed the exchange on NextDoor with other communities concerning Rolling Road widening project. Honestly, it appears that VDOT and our elected officials are prospecting for more comments in support of a raised median and a separate bike lane on both northbound and southbound lanes as part of the final design. If you aren’t up to speed on this project, go to and there you’ll find the address for comments.


Christmas Tree Pickup – AAA Trash/Republic will pick up Christmas trees on the first two Wednesdays of 2017. From now until 1 March, they will pick up some yard debris on Mondays, but household trash is their priority.


Welcome Home – US Coast Guard Academy 3rd Class Katrina Cooley is home for a short visit before heading back to New London, CT to continue her education.


I remind you that when I have something to include about your joyous family news, I won’t bore you with news about mine. I’d hope this is a good way for you to boast about your family’s promotions, engagements, marriages, birthdays, graduations and other joyous family news.


Stay safe, party safe and get home safely!


John Cooley




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