Village News 1/27/17

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,

January Village Crier and 2017 Directory –We hope to deliver the Crier and Directory this weekend. Need a couple more (from both sides of Rolling Road) to deliver; thanks in advance and also to those who already volunteered. Community service credit is available for those needing such. 

Before and After – thanks to Michelle Hamilton for keeping us informed on the progress county has made to improve the drainage immediately behind her Barnack home. The “before” picture below shows the issue of broken culverts and storm water drain that had uprooted trees and caused severe erosion. I think we all can agree that the improvements visible in the “after” picture on the right makes the Pohick Stream Park even more inviting and safe.



County’s Pooper Scooper Law – Apparently some dog walkers aren’t aware of the law requiring us to pick up after our pooch. Dog walkers who violate the County’s pooper scooper law may incur a fine up to $250.00, but the real deterrent to leaving pet waste on the ground may be our individual conscience and societal mores.

Pet waste left on the grass or in the woods makes its way to storm drains every time it rains. Storm drains lead to lakes or streams that ultimately lead to the Occoquan Reservoir and the Potomac Rivers, our drinking water supply. Pet waste may carry disease-causing organisms, which make water unsafe for swimming and more costly to treat for drinking. Please pick up after your pets; our health may depend on it.

Rolling Valley ES PTA News:

            1. Silver Diner Night is 26 January - The Rolling Valley Elementary School 6th Grade is hosting its annual fundraiser at the Silver Diner in Springfield on Thursday, 26 January from 5 – 8 PM. Please mark your calendars now and join us for dinner with other Rolling Valley teachers, staff, students and families. Our 6th graders will serve as hosts, servers, and bus staff; and, will be selling 50/50 raffle tickets at the door. The money raised from this event will support 6th Grade end of year celebrations. Look forward to seeing you there!!

            2. Pajama Blizzard Bingo - is right around the corner, Friday, 24 February. We still need your new, in good condition and non-expired items for Bingo or Raffle Prize donations.  We can also use gift cards and cash donations as well as business prize sponsorships. Please contact Carla Spitler (Greenview Lane) at with donations or questions.

            3. Mark Your Calendars - The next PTA meeting is Thursday, 9 February at 7:00 PM.

West Springfield ES PTA News – We have over 100 homes that feed into WSES. Really would like to include frequent reports also from the Mustangs. Same holds true to Keene Mill ES, Irving MS and West Springfield HS.

Update on Illegal Signs in the Median – from our Springfield District Supervisor Pat Herrity. In 2013, I worked with Delegate Dave Albo to change the state law on signs in the median. This change allowed Fairfax County to work with VDOT to enforce the ban on illegal signs in our roadways and also to start a compliance program in Fairfax County. Except for a number of serial repeat offenders, the program has largely kept signs out of our medians. I have been particularly impressed with the self-policing that has been done by both political parties to keep campaign signs out of the medians during the last few election seasons. Illegal signs are a blight on our community and can be a safety hazard.

In 2016, the Board approved action to take the serial offenders to court to collect the fines they had accumulated. I am pleased to report that these actions have resulted in further compliance and cleaner roadways. For more information on the illegal sign removal program, go to

The Board of Supervisors is considering a fee on illegal signs to defray the cost of illegal sign removal. It is my hope that the scale of the program will be reduced in the near future as we gain compliance from the serial offenders.

Online Yard Sale - The Zevallos family continues their online yard sale through the end of January. Many items have been sold, and some prices are now lower. Everything not sold will be donated to charity as of 1 February. Pick up is here in West Springfield Village. See for details. The site works on computers and phones. Contact Patty by email ( or phone (703/912-7649) if interested.

Were You Missed? – Want to run this article again in this week in hopes that all will know where to find the enews if you did not receive it in your email inbox. I haven’t made any progress with Verizon so I’ll continue to use Gmail. The enews is normally distributed on Thursday afternoons so you’ll know by Thursday evenings if the copy I intended for you is hung up in Verizon’s server or in your suspected spam folder or I was suspended again as a suspected spammer. But, you can find the weekly enews normally on our website ( Webmaster Bob Havey and/or I post it right after attempting the old-fashioned email way. Even if email works – we still post it.

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Stay safe!

John Cooley


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