Village News, 12/7/17

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,


Suspected Spam – Every time I check email I also check the suspected spam folder where I frequently find your responses to the Village Enews. It’s an easy fix as I have learned – I simply click on your message and tell the cyber gods that it ain’t spam or simply move it to my inbox. Apparently, many of my messages directed to you and others also end up in your suspected spam folder.


Republic (AAA) Trash Agreement – You may recall that Republic asked for your signed agreement to be returned to them by 8 December (tomorrow). Their address is at the top of the form.


Kerri Henry Pottery – We have a Village Craftsman or more correctly a Craftswoman, Kerri Henry who owns and operates Kerri Henry Pottery.  Kerri does functional art, specializing in pottery to include mugs, brie bakers, serving pieces, chowder bowls, cheese plates and holiday ornaments. Kerry normally sells her wares at regional arts and crafts shows, but will also host her annual holiday show at her 8137 Edmonton Court home this Sunday, 10 December from 12:00 – 6:00 PM. Stop by for wine, snacks and unique holiday gifts.


Village Seamstress – Amanda Dugan (Vancouver Road) does alterations out of her home. Amanda is a stay-at home mom of 4 girls and can sew pretty much anything. She hems pants, sews patches for uniforms (such as boy scouts), alters band uniforms, and loves to work on evening/prom wear. If interested, contact her by text or call to 571/365-8545.


Springfield’s Hotel Alley – thanks to Kathy D’Amato for this heads up. Every hotel brand is in the stretch of Route 644 in Springfield between Springfield Plaza and the Springfield Town Center or soon will be there given the proposed Hampton Inn & Suites.


The area draws hotels due to its ease of access to I-95, I-495 and I-395. And, its proximity to  Fort Belvoir, the Springfield Town Center, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency headquarters and to the future Transportation Security Administration headquarters that will be located close to the metro.


For more information, here’s the link to the article I plagiarized for the above:


2018 Community Directory Ad Rates – For your business or the business where you work, here are the 2018 ad rates: 

  • Back cover (8x10") = $250.00
  • Inside Front or Back cover (8x10") - $225.00
  • Full page ad (8x10") - $150.00
  • Half page ad (5x8") - $100.00
  • Quarter page ad (4x5") - $60.00

The premium ad locations go quickly, contact Steve at Printing Ideas ( or 703/591-1708. Visit their website at


Rolling Road Project Meeting – Were you as confused as I was at the last meeting? VDOT said what we had been told previously that they nor county have the money to bury the utility cables as part of the project. But then VA Senator Barker said that he was getting close to having the $12.0 million needed to bury the cables. I spoke with VDOT and to Senator Barker at the end of the meeting and apparently VDOT had not informed the senator that burying the cables would destroy many of the Rolling Road front yards and leave utility boxes above ground and boxes the size of a small school bus buried in some front yards. I confirmed with VDOT – burying the cables is not part of this project. Here’s their response:


            “As it currently stands, there are not sufficient funds available to fund the undergrounding, nor are there parties who have, to this point, come to the table offering such funds.  As we have discussed previously, FHWA/VDOT do not participate in the undergrounding of utilities.  Given these circumstances, we are moving forward under the assumption that utilities will not be undergrounded.”


We’ll hear and see the final design plan at the January 2018 Public Meeting. Date, time and location yet to be determined.


Upcoming Events:


            WS Village Christmas Party – 17 December at Don & Susan Cheney’s 6702 Ontario Street home (this is a change from previous emails and newsletters). Don & Susan will provide a nice fire, hot apple cider and treats for all to enjoy as we wait for Santa Claus and possibly Mrs. Claus to make a pre-Christmas visit to our village. You are also invited to bring holiday treats to share and a clearly marked gift for your child if you want Santa to present the present to him or her. Drop off those clearly marked gifts with your child’s name written on it before we start gathering at/about 6:30 PM. Santa believes that he will arrive at/about 7:10 PM. This is a fun family event that all of us can enjoy even if bitterly cold that evening. Regardless of the weather or your religion, come celebrate the holidays with neighbors and friends.


            Christmas Caroling – Jason & Kerri Henry will again lead a group of carolers from the Village West Pool to the Cheney’s home also on the 17th. They normally start walking and singing at/about 5:50 PM. Words to the carols will be provided to help make this another joyful, family event whether you join them or are serenaded by them if they pass by your home.


            Holiday Decorating Contest – Your family is invited to drive the village to pick your top 5 winners based on whatever criteria you and your children want to use. Refer to the map in your directory to see each of the homes in the village during the evenings of the 14th through the 17th of December. Send via email your top 5 to me at by late evening on the 18th.  We will tabulate the results and pick the top 3. We ask you for your top 5 to reduce the chance of a tie. Lastly, we place the highly coveted Holiday Decorating Contest Signs 1st – 3rd place on the respective yards. Cruise the village to enjoy the displays and contribute your judging results.


Looks like most of the leaves are down as the cleanup continues. Typically trash companies will stop picking up yard debris just before Christmas until March the following year. They do however usually pickup Christmas trees in early January – expect more on their schedule.


John Cooley



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