Village News 12/8/16

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,


Michelle Hamilton has kept us up-to-date on the work to improve drainage in the Pohick Stream Park immediately behind her Barnack home. In the enlargeable picture below you’ll see that they removed a lot of deadfall, replaced the culverts and lined the drainage to prevent further erosion. Surely looks a lot safer for our children who love the woods.

Progress on Drainage Project



Directory Ads – Steve at Printing Ideas has set the rates for ads in our next Community Directory:


  • Back cover/inside back cover (8x10") - $230.00 (Only 1 spot available)
  • Full page ad (8x10") - $150.00
  • Half page ad (5x8") - $95.00
  • Quarter page ad (4x5") - $55.00


If interested, reserve a spot with Steve at or by phone at 703/591-1708. You can also find his contact information in their ad in our current directory.


Village-Owned & Operated Businesses – We’d like to feature your business in the enews and also on our website. Please send a brief narrative about it along with contact information to and also to It costs nothing other than a bit of time to type.


This week we’ll feature a Village Craftsman or should I say Craftswoman, Kerri Henry who owns and operates Kerri Henry Pottery.  Kerri does functional art, specializing in pottery to include mugs, brie bakers, serving pieces, chowder bowls, cheese plates and holiday ornaments. Kerry normally sells her wares at regional arts and crafts shows, but will host her annual holiday show at her 8137 Edmonton Court home this Sunday, 11 December from 1:00 – 7:00 PM. Stop by for wine, snacks and unique holiday gifts.


And, while you’re there, you can see the workings of a home pottery studio. You can contact Kerri at Visit her website at


Tree Service and Landscaping - Juan Claudio – licensed, insured and provides free estimates. He also grinds stumps, builds fences, cleans gutters (estimate for my home was $60 - $70) and a host of other landscaping jobs. He cut an oak for me that stood between two homes power lines. That was a tough job, but he managed it without incident. Price was good and cleanup excellent. Contact him at 540/522-3273.


Dog Poop / Leash Laws – As a pet owner, I don’t want our dog pooping on another’s lawn where children may play. Instead, we attempt to influence our Yemeni street dog to use the verge (grassy area between sidewalk and curb). If you have your dog on a retractable leash lead – reign it back in when you think nature is about to call so it will use the verge. Certainly want to pick up what your dog leaves and carry it home with you. It does not belong in a neighbor’s trash or in the storm water drains.


Dogs are required to be on leash to prevent fights or injury to dog handlers. Not sure what else needs to be said here other than it is the law.


And, one more thing – no dogs on school grounds, please.


Help Needed – Gaye Evans is wanting someone to shovel her mother’s driveway and sidewalk this winter. Mother has caregivers that need to get to her house every day. She lives just off  Brisbane on a side street/court. You can obtain more information and negotiate price with Gaye at


Upcoming Events:


            1. Annual Christmas Party – at Don & Susan Cheney’s 6702 Ontario Street home on 17 December. Don & Susan provide a fire, hot apple cider and treats for all to enjoy as we wait for Santa Claus to make a pre-Christmas visit to our village. We do ask that you also bring holiday treats to share and a clearly marked gift for your child if you want Santa to present the present to him or her. Drop off those clearly marked gifts with your child’s name written on it before we start gathering at/about 6:30 PM. Santa believes that he will arrive at/about 7:10 PM if Rudolph can again find the way. This is a fun family event and evening that all of us can enjoy even if bitterly cold that evening. Regardless of your religion, come celebrate the holidays with neighbors and friends.

            2. Christmas Caroling – Before the Christmas Party begins, Jason & Kerri Henry will lead a group of carolers from their assembly point (Village West Pool) to the Cheney’s home. Please note the route is longer than in past years so plan accordingly. Jason asks that those interested in caroling assemble at the pool at 5:45 PM, expecting to commence the walking and singing at/about 5:50 PM. Words to the carols will be provided to help make this another joyful, family event whether you join them or serenaded by them as they pass by your home.

            3. Holiday Decorating Contest – Your family is invited to judge their top 5 winners based on whatever criteria your children suggest. We ask that you drive to see each of the homes in the village (see the map in your directory) during the evenings of the 17th through the 20th of December. And then select your top 5 to send via email to me ( by late evening on the 20th.  We will tabulate the results and pick the top 3. We ask you for your top 5 so as to reduce the chance of a tie. Lastly, we place the highly coveted Decorating Contest Signs 1st – 3rd place on the respective yards. Each year we have more homes that are truly entertaining. Cruise the village to enjoy the displays and contribute your judging results.


Stay warm everyone; seems like winter is coming.   


John Cooley




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