Village News 1/5/19

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,


Happy New Year! It is January and as my neighbor Gus Hagi just reminded me - it is time for snow and freezing temperatures. Are you ready? 


Getting Ready for Old Man Winter:


  • Fill your car’s windshield washer reservoir with windshield washer fluid (not just water)
  • If possible, park in your driveway.
  • Discuss curbside parking with neighbors, best to park on one side of the road (odd addresses) or the other (even addresses) to facilitate snow plowing.
  • Park bumper to bumper so you only have to dig the lead car out and those behind can follow.
  • Put sand, bird seed or kitty litter in your car to throw under tires if/when you need traction, small shovel may help also.
  • Put a windshield ice scraper in your car. Consider keeping a second one in your home to help get into your car.
  • Raise windshield wipers to keep them from freezing to windshield when car is parked.
  • Make sure you have plenty propane for your BBQ grill. Have matches nearby to light stovetop burners when/if we lose electricity (oven won’t light without electricity, but stove top burners on gas stoves will work, but not the striker/ignitor.
  • Check on your neighbors who may need help prepping for winter storms.
  • Review county’s list of preparations at
  • Stay informed by checking the county news site at


Christmas Tree Pickup – Understand some were missed yesterday and don’t know why. Suggest you report being missed at 703/818-8222. AAA Trash/Republic will pick up Christmas trees also next Wednesday. From now until 1 March, they will pick up some yard debris on Mondays, but household trash is their priority so don’t be surprised if they take only a little yard debris or none at all. 


What a Difference! – Michelle Hamilton has done very well keeping us informed on the progress to improve the water shed immediately behind her Barnack home. Picture on the left below shows the issues of falling timber, broken culverts and unrestricted, erosive water runoff. Picture on the right and below shows the improvements.

Culvert Before RepairsCulvert After

Culvert After

Here Kitty Kitty – John & Lois Hoffman (Landor Lane) reported seeing this red fox roaming their backyard at 10:40 AM today. The wily fox had the back end of a tabby cat in his mouth, but the cat shook loose. They are hungry and preparing for the winter so make sure your small pets are protected.

Neighborhood Fox

Site Plan for the Indoor Sports and Wellness Complex in Springfield – from Kathy D’Amato (Barnack) - take a look at what’s coming to our area at


Townhouse For Rent – Bernie Koehle (Edmonton Court) has a townhouse at 7308 Eggar Woods Lane, Springfield 22152 that is available for rent. The listing agent is Eileen Gillis who can be reached at 703/509-4173. The house can be seen by appointment now.


A Special Christmas Present - Harvey family (Ontario) got a Christmas present weighing in at 10 lbs 7oz on December 25th, named Andy Jr.  He joins the Harvey clan as the fifth great grandchild.  Sixth great grandchild is due January 9th.


Should be enough for today. Stay safe and warm and keep your pets also safe and warm.


John Cooley




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