Village News, 2/1/18

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,


Community Complaints – I suspect you also have seen some spot degradation in the overall appearance of our village. We invest a relatively large amount of our budget on maintenance of the Rolling Road median to make it safe and attractive. But throughout the village, we have too many cars parked on front yards, derelict cars parked curbside, trash strewn about in some yards, unpermitted work being done on some homes and overcrowding in certain homes that also overcrowds curbside parking. What can you do to remedy these situations?


We maintain that the best solution for neighborhood complaints is a direct conversation with your neighbor who may have county code violations. But, if you’re concerned about possible fire, health, zoning, property maintenance or land use/construction code violations, then use the form found at to file a complaint that can be done anonymously. Your complaint will be reviewed and you may be contacted by the inspector investigating your complaint. You also may search existing complaints if you have an address or complaint number. Typical complaints can be found at


RE Market AnalysisCounty had forecasted a modest growth in RE values, but now have adjusted their outlook due to the latest economic indicators that show positive news for home sales and our unemployment rates in Fairfax County. The average sales price of homes sold in our county in November was $568,027, an increase of 9.6 percent over the November 2016 average sales price of $518,452. Also of note, the average November price was up 4.3 percent compared to the annual 2016 average home sales price of $544,416. Anybody want to venture a guess about RE property taxes for the next budget cycle?

Social Media and Yellow Journalism - Yellow journalism presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines. I think we had such recently when a human foot was reported to have been found in the Springfield area. Of course that beget stories of gang rivalries that could have led folks to believe we have rampant gang warfare with little civil order or discipline.

With the advent of FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and other outlets, you and I can and may have actually become part of yellow journalism spewing unverified information. Thanks to Vince and Sue Trinka (Barnack) we now know the foot was actually a paw, a bear paw in all probability.

Nakita Krushev was credited for saying “We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within.” Granted, it is a quantum leap from a bear paw found in the local area to the Russian Bear destroying us, but we all should see the need to tone down the rhetoric and become a bit more civil when using social media. We may disagree on politics, but let’s do so on my front porch with a cold beer in hand as friend and as neighbor.

And, no – I did not say that a vehicle was stolen from our village, but one was taken in the greater Springfield area; that is, if we can trust official police reports. The Springfield District is much larger than our West Springfield Village.

For Sale - Ikea Twin Bed - $30.00. Length 78”, height 31”, width 42”. If interested please email: See attached photos.


Directory / Newsletter Delivery Volunteers Needed – Need at least 3 volunteers from the east side of Rolling Road to deliver directories and newsletters to those on the east side. Civic Association members get the directories and those we can’t communicate with via email get the newsletters. We should have both in hand tomorrow and will break into route lots. I’d hope we could get some new folks involved on the east side, but now desperate and will take anyone willing to get some fresh air. 


Take care, stay civil and stay dry this weekend.


John Cooley



twin bed frame
twin bed frame 2