Village News, 2/15/2018

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,


Parking Restrictions – Have learned that West Springfield Elementary School is also having issues with people parking illegally. They provided the County parking laws. Not only is a violation of these laws annoying for neighbors, but dangerous for all who drive on the roads. Here are some the laws:


No person shall park a vehicle, except when necessary to avoid a conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the directions of a police officer or traffic-control device, in any of the following places:


  • Parking within 10 feet of driveways – Parking is not allowed within 10’ of any driveway (Fairfax County 82-5-1(a)(2))
  • Parking adjacent to a fire hydrant – Parking not allowed within 15’ of a fire hydrant (Fairfax County 82-5-1(a)(4))
  • Parking adjacent to a stop sign – Parking not allowed within 30’ of a stop sign (Fairfax County 82-5-1(a)(7))
  • Parking at intersections – Parking not allowed in or within 20’ of an intersection (Fairfax County 82-5-1(a)(3))
  • Parking within 20’ of a designed crosswalk- (Fairfax County 82-5-1(a)(5))
  • Parking on Front Lawns – other than brief stop to load or unload.
  • Parking on Sidewalk – or parking so as to prevent the use of curb ramps located on public property or on privately owned property open to the public.
  • Parking on any highway any vehicle not displaying current state motor vehicle license tags on both the front and rear of the vehicle if required by the state of registration. (3-13-63; 1961 Code, § 16-130; 31-88-82; 08-06-82; 48-09-82.)
  • Vehicles must be parked facing direction of travel lane.


Monthly Mortgage Bulletin – Sharon Kline (Ontario) is a Loan Officer with Quontic Bank and shared the February bulletin that has some interesting information. Here’s a summary of changes brought about by the new Tax Cut and Jobs Act:


The limit on deductible mortgage debt was reduced to $750.000 for new loans. For loans that existed as of 12/14/2017, the previous $1.0 million limit was preserved.

Homeowners may refinance mortgage debts that existed on 12/14/2017 up to $1.0 million and still deduct the interest, so long as the new loan does not exceed the amount of the mortgage being refinanced. Interest paid on home equity debt is no longer deductible, unless the proceeds are used to substantially improve the residence.


The bulletin also had some interesting national sales data: Total existing home sales: 5.57 million, down from 5.78 million in previous month. Median existing home price: $246,800 also down from $248,000 in previous month. Average number of days on the market: 40 which is about the same as in previous month.


For more information, contact Sharon at 703/372-0500 or by her cell at 703/615-1313 or by email at skline569@gmail.comSharon can write loans in all states. 


Rolling Road Widening Project Public Hearing - Design Public Hearing for the Rolling Road Widening Project will be Tuesday, 27 February from 6:30 - 8:30 PM at Irving Middle School, 8100 Old Keene Mill Road in Springfield. VDOT will give a presentation at 7:00 PM and before/after you can view the displays and ask questions. If there is inclement weather, the meeting will be rescheduled to Monday, 5 March (same time and location).  If you rent a Rolling Road home, please advise the property management team and the home owner about this meeting. You can provide your written comments to Hamid Misaghian via email at Reference “Rolling Road Widening” in the subject line.


Thanks to Jeff Carter (Ontario) reported three references that should benefit all in the village:



West Springfield Village Home and Garden Tour –a distinguished village homeowner suggested we invite all to sign up to put your house or garden on the route for other neighbors to stop by and see what type of remodeling (kitchen, bath, additions), landscaping or gardening projects are going on in the Village. 


This is kind of a back door way of inspiring home owners to either show off their project as well as maybe get a few started sprucing up their own home/garden. We have tossed around this idea in the past, but will all the recent improvements made to village homes, it may be a good way to meet your neighbors and get some ideas for your own home projects.


I’ll give credit for this idea once we learn if we have enough interest. Please let me know ( if you are willing to open your home or garden to a tour and if you would like to tour other village homes. My wife and I sign up to show all what we’ve done to basement, baths, kitchens and additions to our King (Cape Cod) model


Food for Neighbors - is a local program that provides food to young people in our area who are at risk for hunger after school and on weekends. Their Red Bag Program distributes (red) bags to those who request them. You fill the bag with items listed on the tag attached to the bag. On designated Saturday mornings (every two months during the school year) the filled bag is picked up from your front porch by volunteers and a new bag is left for the next time. You can leave additional bags of food with the red bag if you wish, and those will be picked up too. The food is taken to a centralized location (Irving Middle School is one of them), where volunteers sort it for distribution to young people from local middle and high schools. (Food for Others has a food distribution program for elementary school children, but does not have the resources to include older children.) For more information, to request a red bag, or to sign up to volunteer, check out their website: This is a really easy way to make a big difference to others in our community.


Thanks to JessAnn Peterson for submitting this report.


Directory / Newsletter Deliverers – by now all CA members should have their copy of the 2018 Community Directory and those members and non-members alike not on email distribution lists should have the latest newsletter. Please let me know if you were missed. Again, special thanks to those who gave a couple hours of their personal time to deliver door-to-door.


Please make pen & ink additions to your copy of the directory as follow:


  • Hartshorn, Jeff & Ioana, 6801 Quebec Court, 703/569-8792
  • Tunsarawut, Sangfa, 6814 Cabot Court


St. Andrew’s Episcopal Preschool: A developmental, Christian preschool for children two and a half to five years old.  Designated Music Teacher and Math/Science Teacher.  Weekly Chapel services, lunch bunch and enrichment classes.  Visit

Open House dates are February 21 & 22 both at 10:00 am.  Children are welcome to attend.  Registration opens to the community on February 26, 2018.  For more information contact Jeanne Jones at 703-455-8458 or


Note – My Second Class USCGA Cadet Katrina Cooley attended St. Andrew’s Preschool along with her BFF Alyssa Williams. Alyssa’s parents, my wife and I highly recommend St. Andrews.


Rolling Valley Elementary School News:


            Pajama Blizzard Bingo - Join RVES for a fun night of bingo, raffles, food and fun! Put your PJs on, grab the family and join us from 6 - 9 pm. Food and snacks will be available, bingo books and raffles can be purchased on site.

            Restaurant Nights: Give yourself a break and head out to eat and support RVES PTA at the same time. The PTA will get a portion of the purchases made when mentioning RVES Spirit Night! We have the following dates and locations coming up. Mark your calendars!

            February 22 – All Day - El Paso - 6804 Commerce St, Springfield, VA

            March 22 - 6 – 9:00 PM - Austin Grill - 8430 Old Keene Mill Rd., Springfield, VA

            April 24 & 25 - 5 – 9:00 PM - Ledo's Pizza - 8324 Old Keene Mill Rd., Springfield VA

            Stay tuned for more dates coming soon!

Drive carefully, stay safe and help keep our children safe.  


John Cooley



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