Village News 2/2/17

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,


I am sitting here listening to a varmint in my attic have his/her way with my rafters and ceiling joists. Why do they want to be in attics and how do they find their way in? Just another of life’s great mysteries. Going hunting soon as this goes out.


Welcome - Ken & Tiffany Anderson recently moved into 6802 Quebec Court. Stop by to help welcome them to our village. Also please make a pen & ink change to your copy of the directory to change one date and to add two residents below:


  1. Anderson, Ken & Tiffany (6802 Quebec Court), 703/589-0955,
  2. Tabibi (8200 Springfield Village Drive), 703/677-7919
  3. Community Cleanup – we tried hard to get the date listed in the directory, but had to settle for 24 June, 8:00 AM – 12:00 noon in the parking lot of Rolling Valley ES. More to follow, but for now – post the change to your directory.


Village Crier and 2017 Directory – All should have by now received the Village Crier and CAWSV members should have also received a copy of the 2017 Community Directory. Once again, Larry Mark did an outstanding job on the Crier as did Kirby Myers on the Directory. Feedback is always appreciated. Thanks also to those who volunteered their time to make door to door deliveries:  Wendi Dorey and family, Jennifer Treasures and family, Mark & Sharon Lord, Lori Branch and family, Isabella Murray, Kathy D’Amato, Julia Hale, Valentin Bois, Chris Creasi, Michael Wasilin, Caleb Coleman, Ed Wyse, Rob Muegge, Pete & Becky Hatcher and my wife Suzanne McCormick who delivered to those in neighboring subdivisions. Please let me ( know if you were missed.


Eminent Domain Lawyers & Rolling Road Project – Pradeep Narendran (Rolling Road) received a letter from one such firm offering their services; perhaps others along Rolling Road also received a similar letter. The Public Information Hearing where VDOT is to discuss their final design for the project was scheduled to happen soon, but I have not heard any updates. I have never been involved in eminent domain cases, and not comfortable recommending a particular course of action other than to stand together. I’ll see what I can find out from VDOT and Supervisor Herrity.


St. Andrew’s Episcopal Preschool Open House – 8 & 9 February starting at 10:00 AM on both days.  Registration will open to new families on 13 February 13. From the Director, Jeanne Jones (Vancouver):


            Visit our web site at to learn more about our program. We are a developmental, Christian morning program. We believe in “learn through play” and preparing children for kindergarten and beyond.  We offer Lunch Bunch Days and Enrichment classes. Children attend weekly Chapel services and we have a dedicated Math/Science classroom and five day Music Teacher.  We offer two, three and five day classes for children two and a half to five years old.  For more information, please call the Director, Jeanne Jones at 703-455-8458 or email us at 


Yard Debris in Plastic Bags – from Kirby Myers (SVD) - You may have heard that the county Board of Supervisors were to vote on a proposal to prohibit the use of plastic bags for yard debris. That measure was tabled indefinitely, but commercial trash companies such as our AAA/Republic can still direct us to use paper bags or reusable containers. I don’t expect they will; there is no change at this time.


Deer Hunting – Saw a sign posted about the selective bow hunting deer season now going on in certain areas of the county to include Pohick Stream Park. Make sure your youngsters are aware and advise them to stay on established trails to avoid contact with hunters. I recall the sign saying the hunt would end later February.


News from West Springfield ES Mustangs (thanks Angie Walker):


  • Library Opportunity - volunteer positions are available. Are you interested in volunteering in the WSES Library during the school day? We are looking for parents, grandparents or community members to volunteer in the library on a regular basis.  It can be as little as an hour a week or more if you want. Some of the things we would like our volunteers to help with includes shelving of returned books, stamping and processing books, organizing book shelves, creating displays for books, bulletin boards and helping with projects. If this is something that might interest you please contact our librarian Shane Rigsby at
  • WSES PTA Fundraiser - Dine Out on Wednesday & Thursday nights, 22 & 23February at Chipotle in Springfield Plaza. Part of the proceeds will be provided the PTA.


Now, where did I leave my BB gun? Stay safe!


John Cooley


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