Village News, 2/8/18

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,


Security Alert – We had an alert on FaceBook about two men in a vehicle trying to lure a child with his/her dog to their car for a dog treat. I have no reason to doubt this report, but couldn’t confirm it either so I wrote our Crime Prevention Officer, MPO Michael Stewart at the Springfield District Police Station. He has no record of such activity or reports. Not saying it didn’t happen, it’s just not in the police log. Still a good incentive and a good time to have that stranger – danger discussion with your children.


FaceBook Group Better Than Morning News – Are FCPS schools closed or opening late? Are evening sports and community use of schools cancelled? How are the roads going into the district? Are there any security issues? Has anyone seen my pet iguana? Find all that out on our FaceBook Group or as in my case, posts to that group go directly to my email / messages. Thanks to Wendi Dorey for setting it up for us; it really does work! Thanks to Laura Rozier’s posts about FCPS closings and to Amy Meli’s posts about road conditions into the district and to countless others who posted about lost or found pets, or about people or things that made them feel uncomfortable. I know many of you are like I had been – “I don’t do FB!” And then my children had children and now I love FB for keeping up with their daily activities. Surely there are security issues there as with any other cyber activity; but it works for me and for our village. Check it out and then send a thank you note to Wendi (


Save the Dates: 

  • 22 March - Budget Town Hall with Pat and the new County Executive, Bryan Hill
  • 18 April - Neighbor to Neighbor Initiative (N2N) – more to follow on this program.

Both will be at 7:00 PM at the West Springfield Government Center on Rolling Road.


Directory / Newsletter Deliverers – special thanks to those who gave a couple hours of their personal time to deliver the 2018 Directories door to door for civic association members and also for delivering newsletters to those who we can’t talk to via email. If you did not join the civic association, but would like a directory – it will cost $10.00, but that comes with a free membership for the rest of this fiscal/membership year.

Sue & Vince Trinka, Mike & Laura Bentley, Kim & John Brown, Maria and Bill Daugherty, Kathy D’Amato, Patty Zavallos, Jack Krompecher, Ed Wyse, Andrea Lewis & Kids, Becky Hatcher, Ellen Dorey, Suanne McCormick and her wonder dawg – Sadiqi, Jim Kirkpatrick and Jennifer Guernsey. These are professional people with other duties and responsibilities that may have delayed their deliveries. If you do not receive your directory by next Monday, let me know.

2018 Directory – Another dinger (homerun) for our Editor Kirby Myers! Please let Kirby ( know if you spot errors or can suggest improvements. Well done Kirby! Also take a look at those who advertised in the directory and give them a chance to provide an estimate on work you may want done. Their ads allow us the directory; we could not afford it otherwise.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Preschool: A developmental, Christian preschool for children two and a half to five years old.  Designated Music Teacher and Math/Science Teacher.  Weekly Chapel services, lunch bunch and enrichment classes.  Visit

Open House dates are February 21 & 22 both at 10:00 am.  Children are welcome to attend.  Registration opens to the community on February 26, 2018.  For more information contact Jeanne Jones at 703-455-8458 or


Note – My Second Class USCGA Cadet Katrina Cooley attended St. Andrew’s Preschool along with her BFF Alyssa Williams. Alyssa’s parents, my wife and I highly recommend St. Andrews.


Rolling Valley Elementary School News:

            Pajama Blizzard Bingo - Join RVES for a fun night of bingo, raffles, food and fun! Put your PJs on, grab the family and join us from 6 - 9 pm. Food and snacks will be available, bingo books and raffles can be purchased on site.

            Restaurant Nights: Give yourself a break and head out to eat and support RVES PTA at the same time. The PTA will get a portion of the purchases made when mentioning RVES Spirit Night! We have the following dates and locations coming up. Mark your calendars!

            February 13 - 5 – 9:00 PM - Firehouse Subs - 6404 Springfield Plaza, Springfield, VA
            February 22 - ALL DAY - El Paso - 6804 Commerce St, Springfield, VA

            March 22 - 6 – 9:00 PM - Austin Grill - 8430 Old Keene Mill Rd., Springfield, VA

            April 24 & 25 - 5 – 9:00 PM - Ledo's Pizza - 8324 Old Keene Mill Rd., Springfield VA

Stay tuned for more dates coming soon!

Gone with the Wind - Missing an umbrella? One blew into the Hoffmann’s yard. Call Lois Hoffmann (Landor Lane) 703/866-3577.


Frankly Scarlet, hope you have a good weekend and stay dry.


John Cooley


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