Village News, 3/1/2018

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,


High Wind Warnings - in effect for the area starting late today through tomorrow (Friday) evening. In fact, the National Weather Service predicts the wind may be the strongest wind we’ve had in 3 years. Damage to trees and power lines, power outages and even minor structural damage are possible, along with hazardous driving conditions, especially for high profile vehicles.


Downed Trees - If there’s an immediate life-safety issue, call or text 9-1-1. If a tree falls into your home - get everyone out and then use your cellphone or a neighbor’s phone to call 9-1-1. Stay away from the home until public safety employees can assess it for structural safety as well as ensuring your utilities are OK or if they should be turned off. And then call your insurance company.


If a tree falls onto power lines – stay clear of downed wires. Call Dominion Power at 866/366-4357 or online at to report. If a tree falls into or across a road - call the Virginia Department of Transportation at 800/367-7623 or use VDOT’s online reporting form. If a tree falls onto or across a sidewalk – call VDOT at 800/367-7623 or use VDOT’s online reporting form.


If a live tree falls from your neighbor’s property onto your private property, it is your responsibility to remove it. If the tree is a dead tree and you notified the neighbor of the risk of that dead tree – then you’re both in a legal arena. Normally it is the neighbor who failed to remove a dead tree who is liable for repairs and for tree removal.


Rolling Road Widening Project Public Hearing – Thanks to those who attended the Tuesday evening meeting where VDOT  briefed their final design plan to widen Rolling Road to 4 lanes, with left turn lanes and a raised median. That raised median will mean no more left turns into or out of Ashford Court, Glover Court plus Taft and Rivington Road north of us. They are planning on a 5’ sidewalk on the east side of RR and an 8’ multi-modal path on the west side. Noise walls will be voted on in mid-2019 by those who would benefit from the 12’ walls, but none in our Village will have a vote. In our area, the walls will be on the east side of RR from Greeley south to the property line of 6809 RR. Similarly, there will be a wall on the west side also from Greeley south to the property line of 6702 RR.


I have asked for a copy of their plans and presentation; let me know if you want to view them once I have them. You can still provide written comments to Hamid Misaghian via email at Reference “Rolling Road Widening” in the subject line.


The project is still divided into two phases:


Phase One will add a second left turn lane from northbound (NB) Rolling Road onto WB Old Keene Mill Road and a dedicated right turn lane from NB Rolling onto EB OKM Road. Moving the utility lines at that intersection will begin spring of 2019 with the actual construction beginning fall 2019 and ending by winter of 2020. Many of us believe that Phase One alone will improve Rolling Road traffic flow during rush hour traffic, but the regional traffic forecast climbing to 38.000+ cars per day along RR and the political will means that VDOT will press on into Phase Two that will begin with utility relocation in the winter of 2020 with construction beginning fall 2022 and completed by fall 2024.


Phase Two will be done in segments to retain at least one lane of traffic in both directions during the two years of work. Note that Phase Two right-of-way acquisition is scheduled to begin in the winter of 2019. Many RR homes will lose very little of their front yards other than for the normal easement that will be moved back to their front doors. VDOT is required to compensate for that new easement.


Let me know if you want more detail about this project, but it certainly looks like it is a “go” this time.


2018 Fairfax County Teen Job Fairs and Resume Building Workshops – sponsored by Springfield District Supervisor Pat Herrity, other District Supervisors, the Connection Newspapers, local chambers of commerce, Fairfax County Public Schools and the county government. They give our teens the opportunity to speak with employers and businesses an opportunity to connect with teens looking for jobs. Many teens have left the fair with actual jobs and many more with scheduled interviews.


These events will focus on student job seekers (approximately ages 16 to 18) looking for full time employment, after-school employment, seasonal positions, internship opportunities, or volunteer experiences. They are open to all teens in Fairfax County looking for employment or wanting tips to build their resume. Volunteer opportunities and resume building workshops will be available for younger students. Students are asked to register at


Businesses and organizations have the opportunity to showcase their companies, brand their business in the local community, and advertise the positions they have available. It does not cost to participate. Businesses and organizations seeking to secure space at the job fair should fill out the application form at


Here’s the schedule:


*Saturday, 10 March from 1 – 3:00 PM at Woodson High School.

*Saturday, 17 March from 1 – 3:00 PM at South County High School

*Saturday, 7 April from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Chantilly High School

*Saturday, 14 April from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Mount Vernon High School

*Saturday, 21 April from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at South Lakes High School

*Saturday, 28 April from 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM at West Springfield High School


Average Home Sale Price – received one of those RE Agent brochures in the mail last Monday. It interested me since it listed village homes so I took a closer look at the 17 homes listed as sold from 1 February 2017 to 1 February 2018. The average sold price was $471,805 with the highest being $534,900 and the lowest being $380,000. I found it interesting that the average list price of the same 17 homes was $471,731 or 99+% of the sold price. Not sure how useful this information will be to potential sellers and/or buyers, but any of our village RE Agents can help. They are Chris Creasi (Rolling Road), Tim Royster (Smyth) and Natalie Perdue (SVD). Did I miss any other agents?


RE Assessments – mine went up 3.2% and we’re expecting a 5% increase in Real Estate taxes this coming budget cycle. If you do the math factoring in the assessment change and an undetermined amount of levy change – we’re possibly looking at a $0.02 increase in tax levy. Reckon we’ll know more at the Budget Town Hall with Supervisor Pat Herrity and the new County Executive, Bryan Hill on 22 March starting at 7:00 PM in the West Springfield Government Center on Rolling Road.


Separate Yard Debris Collections – Republic Trash Services will start again on Wednesday, 7 March and subsequent Wednesdays until 24 December a separate collection of yard debris. No change to household trash collections on Mondays and Thursdays and also no change to recyclable trash collection on Mondays.


School Safety – West Springfield HS Senior Marin Henry attended the last school board meeting to hear what additional measures were planned to protect our children in school and to demonstrate support for the Parkland, FL students. She also plans on showing additional support by student walk outs and the March on Washington. I am certain each of us have an opinion about what needs to be done, but I am glad to see our school-aged youth becoming more involved and speaking out. Marin said that at least one half the attendees at the Thursday meeting were students.


Marin was satisfied with the school board’s resolution to urge our state and federal governments to do more to protect schools and students. The Board will ask for a stronger police presence, especially at the middle and high schools. Marin is concerned with the lack of contact students experience with counsellors, especially for those with emotional issues who would benefit from a person to person session.


Miss Henry believes that the AR15 should not be sold to anyone especially those with compromised mental health or emotional issues. She realizes that there is no practical way of recalling those already in public possession, but would like to see a more stringent background check for those wanting to purchase weapons to include a check of mental stability and/or record on social media that may indicate violent tendencies. She is not interested in restricting our Second Amendment rights, but thinks we have to be more invasive in screening to ensure weapons aren’t sold to mentally or emotionally unstable youth or adults.


The students themselves have previously voiced concern over certain students and she hopes that will continue, but those reports have to be acted upon to include by the police and/or mental health professionals.


Her fear is that this issue will become yesterday’s news and initiatives will be shelved by our legislators, police and school administrations. 


Lastly, Marin believes that all change has to start at the dining room table where families discuss these topics and how their family can support and protect their children against violence.


Thanks Marin!


Contractor Recommendations – Feeling the need to remind all that a recommendation is based on how well a contractor performed on my or your project. It does not suggest that the contractor will satisfy your expectations as they did mine. Have found that many are worried about recommending a contractor for fear they will be held responsible for that contractor’s potential poor performance at your job site.


Missing Bicycle – An unlocked, boy’s bike was taken from the bike rack at Rolling Valley ES. The owner/rider inadvertently left the bike there overnight when it may have been taken. The bike is mostly blue with silver. If you see it, please let me know where and I will alert the owner. A police report was filed.


Stay safe! 


John Cooley


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