Village News, 3/16/18

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,


The enews isn’t necessarily addressed to you. That is my issue and concern with bulk emailing. Unless addressed specifically to you, “you” in the enews means all of us. I apologize if my comments offend you, but if the shoe fits…


Had to wait until this morning to get this out waiting for our freshly refinished floors to dry. Victor Flores’ Town & Country Floor Services put an extra coat of finish on my Edmonton Court floors they had refinished. It is amazing that our 50+ year-old hardwood floors can still look so good. Victor’s prices are great as is his crew’s cleanliness and workmanship. I recommend him to you (the plural you), but rather than take my word – come, stop by to have a look see. Victor can be reached at 703/932-8556 or by email at


Property Values During and After the Rolling Road Project – Last week, I had hoped to illustrate that our home values should be just fine in the long term even after Rolling Road is widened. I do not think Kings Park prices are higher due to “messier” homes in our village, but did intend to suggest that it is spring and time for annual cleaning, especially on Edmonton Court where we’ll soon have a home up for sale. I also intended to say that the sales price of my neighbor’s home becomes a comp for my home whenever my wife and I decide to sell. A little cosmetic effort now at my home may pay dividends back to me later. I am always thankful to those who point out the lack of clarity in my writings – truly thankful because our goal is to inform without being overly opinionated or critical of any of our neighbors / friends. And, you have experts in real estate right here in the village who will know more and very willing to help you.  


Rolling Road Widening Project - I did receive a copy of VDOT’s plans and presentation on CD. Haven’t had a chance to review it, but will try to either download pertinent portions of it or loan it out for your review. You can still provide written comments to Hamid Misaghian via email at Reference “Rolling Road Widening” in the subject line.


Budget Town Hall - 22 March, 7:00 PM with Supervisor Pat Herrity and County Executive, Bryan Hill, at the West Springfield Government Center in the Community Room.  The fiscal outlook for Fairfax County will be discussed with plenty of time for questions. I suspect we’ll hear just how much the Exec will want our RE taxes to go up. Looks like my math was spot on – they are advertising a $0.02 tax levy increase. Does that mean it will be incorporated into the next county budget? Not necessarily so, but it can’t be any higher than $0.02 increase.


Credit Rating – from Tim Royster (Smyth, - If you are curious about your credit score for a future large purchase, such as a home or a car, did you know that you can run your credit score yearly for free without taking a hit to your score to do so. Sites like or are good sites to check how you are doing. But if you are buying a home, the credit report will be required and run by the lender you choose within 60-90 days of your purchase.

Credit scores can be a mystery, so I thought I would send you along some info to help you understand how it is calculated. So you know... in most cases, the better the score, the better the interest rate you will get for your loan. Even if your credit score is poor or fair, it's not as hard as you may think in some cases to increase your score. The chart below will help you determine what areas you may want to work on if you know you have some credit challenges that may prevent you from either obtaining a loan, or qualifying for better interest rates.

I hope to help you with your next home purchase when the time comes. Please know that I have incredible lender recommendations for you when you are ready to go. It's important that you get prequalified prior to viewing homes so we know what your budget is and so that you will be ready to write an offer when we find the home you wish to buy.

Do you want me to have one of my lenders contact you? Just let me know! Let me know if any questions until then... thanks!


What is "Good" Credit?






You'll want to improve your score to qualify for better rates


Above Average

You can qualify for most loans, although your rates may be higher than those offered to people with excellent credit



If you improve your score to above 760, you'll qualify for lower interest rates



If you’re FICO score is above 785, you are considered a "high achiever." 27% of the population have scores within this range



Your credit is flawless and within that reputation you may qualify for the best interest rates. 13% of the population can claim scores within this range.


How is your Credit Score Calculated?


Payment History


Amounts Owed


Length of History


New Credit, Including Inquiries


Types of Credit in Use


How Long Does Negative Credit Linger?

Late Payments

7 Years


7 Years

Short Sale

Up to 7 Years


Up to 7 Years

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

7 Years from Filing Date

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

10 Years from Filing Date

Tax Liens

Until Lien is Paid in Full plus 7 Years

It's important to note that although you may have lingering credit issues, some loan programs may allow for a home purchase prior to day the negative credit drops off your report, so be sure to reach out to find out if you may qualify to purchase today. As a reminder, I have incredible lender recommendations for you when you are ready to go, as well as referrals to trustworthy credit clean up companies, so please reach out now to get started. It's important that you get prequalified prior to viewing homes so we know what your budget is and so that you will be ready to write an offer when we find the home you wish to buy.

Do you want me to have one of my trustworthy lenders to contact you? Just let me know! Let me know if any questions until then... thanks!


Rolling Valley ES Restaurant Fund Raisers:  


  • 22 March, 6 – 9:00 PM - Austin Grill - 8430 Old Keene Mill Road
  • 24 & 25 April - 5 – 9:00 PM - Ledo's Pizza - 8324 Old Keene Mill Road


Lifeguards Wanted – from Jen Guernsey, VW Pool President - Crystal Aquatics is excited to provide swimming pool management to Village West during the 2018 summer. We greatly value the Village West community and look forward to having a safe and successful season. Lifeguarding is a rewarding and fun summer job and Village West is a great place to work. We have full and part time positions available with flexible hours. Hourly wages range from $7.75 - $12 per hour, based on certification level and experience. Lifeguards can earn additional money by teaching swim lessons (upwards of $50 per hour).  If you are interested in lifeguarding, please fill out an application online at If you would like to lifeguard this summer but have no experience or training, no problem. You can be hired now, contingent upon successful completion of a lifeguarding course prior to Memorial Day. Crystal Aquatics will be holding American Red Cross Lifeguard Training courses in the spring of 2018. Apply now, and we will take you through the interview process and give you information regarding work and training. If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to visit the Crystal Aquatics’ website or give us a call at 703/488-9962.


2018 Fairfax County Teen Job Fairs and Resume Building Workshops – Students should register at


            Businesses and organizations should fill out the application form at


            Schedule (all on Saturday):


  • 17 March from 1 – 3:00 PM at South County HS
  • 7 April from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Chantilly HS
  • 14 April from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at Mount Vernon HS
  • 21 April from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at South Lakes HS
  • 28 April from 12:00 noon to 2:00 PM at West Springfield HS


Stay safe and help keep our children safe! 


John Cooley


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