Village News 3/30/17

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,

Not sure what happened, but my computer went berserk yesterday as I attempted to run the enews. Bob Havey tried via long distance to help resolve the issue as did my neighbor Jason Henry. Jason swapped out the mouse and I diligently followed Bob’s advice to run virus scan, malware scan and even threw in a programs fix via command prompt to make sure that nothing leaves here to your computer, iPhone, iPad or whatever device you use to read Village News. Here goes:

TRAFFIC ALERT - Rolling Valley Elementary Laps 4 Learning – This Saturday, 1 April from 8:00 – 10:00 AM, Rolling Valley Elementary School (RVES) Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is hosting the RVES bi-annual Laps for Learning and Health Fair at Rolling Valley Elementary School. Their intent is to raise money for the school and discuss the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for children and adults. With approximately 250 children signed up for our event, we in the village need to pitch in to help make this a safe and successful event.

The children will run on the left side of the streets from the school on Barnack to a left onto Vancouver to a left onto Landor to another left onto Ontario to cross back onto school grounds for the finish line. If you live on Barnack Drive, Vancouver Road or Landor Lane, please park on the opposite side of the street so to allow the PTA to safely mark their route and to ensure our children’s safety during this event. Park on the even address-side on Barnack and Vancouver, but the odd address side along Landor and Ontario. Plan accordingly, but be extra vigilant as you pull out of driveways during their run. Questions or comments - call Christopher Dean at 703/671-9543.

Village West Pool - is celebrating its 50 year anniversary this summer.  Come out and be part of the community celebration.  We will commemorate the milestone along with many other events, so join now! If you are a member of the Civic Association of West Springfield Village, you get $20.00 off your pool membership. Use code “CAWSV”. If you are new to Village West Pool, you will also get an additional 20% off your initial membership. Use code “newmember”.

I think all of us realize the benefit the pool brings to our community. Is it a factor in selling homes and the overall image of our village? Absolutely! We all have a vested interest in the pool’s success. Join my wife and me in joining the pool.

Vikings Swim Team – Jen Guernsey (Holford Lane) - Join us! All swimmers, all abilities: there is a place for you with the Village West Vikings! You do NOT have to be a star swimmer to be on the team. We are a summertime swim team that is part of the Northern Virginia Swim League, the largest summer swim league in the nation. Our goal is to enable our swimmers to improve their swimming skills while working as part of a team, forming strong bonds of friendship, helping each other, and having FUN! Swim team involves the whole family and includes practices, meets, and social events. 

Schedule - The swim season starts the week after Memorial Day and runs through July. Practices while school is in session are in the late afternoon/early evening. Once school lets out, we have both morning and evening practices. 

Programs - We offer three levels of swimming programs:

  1. Regular Vikings are swimmers 4-18 who are comfortable swimming across the pool (25 meters). Practices involve swimming multiple laps. This is our competitive swim team, with a competitive meet and a developmental meet each week. If you can swim across the pool, you can join the team!
  2. Little Vikings are developmental team members, usually ages 4-7. They swim in special half-length and full-length events in certain meets, as well as at a Lollipop Meet just for them and their peers, at nearby pools. They must be comfortable in the water, but have trouble with or cannot complete one lap. As Little Vikings improve during the season, they can begin to compete in regular Vikings events at the meets.
  3. Swim lessons are available for children who are uncomfortable in the water. In addition, team or pool members at any level of swimming can arrange for private lessons with our coaches. 

Cost - Little Vikings are $100 each. Regular swim team members are $125 for the first child, $95 for the second, and $60 for each child thereafter. Swim lesson costs are negotiated with the individual coaches. Please note that to be on the swim team, you must have a family membership at the pool, which is a separate cost. This is an NVSL regulation. 

For more information and to register, go to Email us with questions at

Water Smell Funny? Jeff Carter (Ontario) reports that chemicals called disinfectants are added to drinking water at the treatment plant. Fairfax Water’s primary disinfectant is chlorine and its chemical compounds. Chloramine, the combination of ammonia and chlorine, form a stable bond that keeps a disinfectant residual throughout the entire distribution system.

During the spring, Fairfax Water performs its annual flushing. While that program is in progress, the disinfectant is changed to free chlorine. Free chlorine is an aggressive disinfectant that aids in the disinfection of the flushed water mains.

You may notice a chlorine taste and odor in your drinking water while free chlorine is utilized. If you are especially sensitive to the taste and odor of chlorine, try keeping an open container of drinking water in your refrigerator. This will enable the chlorine to dissipate, thus reducing the chlorine taste. Remember – drinking water has a shelf life! Change out the water in your refrigerated container weekly.

If you have an aquarium or pond, always test the water you add to your aquatic environment to be sure it is free of chlorine before adding fish or other animals. Chemical additives with directions for removing either free chlorine or chloramines from water for use in fish tanks or ponds are available at pet/fish supply stores.

New FBI headquarters Faces Indefinite Delay - the General Services Administration announced it would not be moving forward on naming a site for the new FBI HQs until it (GSA) received more funding. The GSA was expected to choose this month one of three sites under consideration — two in Prince George's County and one in Fairfax County.

G&A Lawn and Landscaping – Met Horacio Garcia last weekend who was doing some landscaping work for a neighbor. He said that he does weekly lawn maintenance, mulching, bush and small tree work, sprinkler repair, gutter cleaning and plant bed maintenance. Also said he’d be glad to provide free estimates. His number is 571/439-9384. I did check with my neighbor and he said that Horacio’s prices were very reasonable; he showed up on time to do good work which satisfied our neighbor.

Recommendation Requested – Helen Brien asks for your recommendation for power washing the exterior of her home. Not just power washing, but someone willing to brush clean instead of simply hosing it with a power washer. Helen can be reached at 703/569-7665 or you can respond to me ( and I’ll forward to Helen and to our webmaster, Bob Havey for inclusion at our website (

Stay dry, drive safely especially Saturday morning and help keep our children safe.

John Cooley, CAWSV 


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