Village News, 5/11/17

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,

Village Meeting TonightWhether it be fair or foul weather, we’ll meet at 7:30 PM in the Art Room, Number 143. Open to all in the village, but membership forms will be there if you want to join the CAWSV. We should finish well before we have to leave the building (9:00 PM). Agenda items include status of current membership and financial status, membership dues for FY18, proposed changes to the Village Crier, short term calendar events and an update to the Rolling Road project. Come join us!

Community Yard Sale – POSTPONED until Saturday, 20 May, 8 AM – 2 PM. Based on current precipitation and the forecast calling for 100% chance of rain this Saturday, Yard Sale Coordinator Ed Wyse made the call to postpone in hopes of better weather. Good news is that you still have time to be added to the list of participants by notifying Ed at Those on the list below also please verify your intent to participate on the 20th.  

1. Free for All - Same day and times as the yard sale. Similar to the German Sperrmuell – you can put curbside useful items that still work that can be taken free by anyone who passes by. Suggest you label those free items and place them separate from other stuff you don’t want taken.

2. Lemonade Stands –corner of Barnack Drive & Wythe Lane and at 8133 Edmonton Court

3. Yard Sale Participants (let Ed Wyse, know ASAP if we missed your listing). We’ll run the list again next Thursday complete with a general category of items for sale at each address.


            6823 Barnack Drive

            6826 Barnack Drive – Proceeds to support Village West Swimming Pool

            7001 Barnack Drive

            6702 Bellamy Avenue

            6813 Brisbane Street

            8132 Edmonton Court

            6807 Landor Lane

            6810 Landor Lane

            6811 Landor Lan

            8017 Springfield Village

            8126 Springfield Village Drive

            6922 Vancouver Roa

            6924 Vancouver Road

            8310 Wythe Lane

Dine out and Support Rolling Valley Elementary! From Carla Spitler (RVES PTA) – Come join your neighbors for a night out at Chipotle on Tuesday, May 16th (the location next to Panera and Merchants Tire). Just be sure to mention "RVES" or "Rolling Valley Elementary" when you pay. If you order online, you need to pay in store for it to count toward our fundraising. We hope you'll come out for a burrito to support our local school!

Enews Issues – Some of you commented that we should not fix something that isn’t broke. For reasons that are beyond our ability to fix, our current way of distributing enews is very broken. What used to take me 30 minutes to crank the enews out into cyber space now takes a couple hours without any certainty that it will reach your inbox. Had hoped that when Verizon bailed out of email and moved many of us to AOL – the problem would go with Verizon. It did not. In fact, I can’t reach many of you who, like me – still have a Verizon email address. I had hoped Gmail would help, but last week more than half of you apparently did not receive the update to the weekly enews. We used Yahoo mail group before with the RVES PTA without issues (selling the email list to 3rd parties, unsolicited email, etc). Ed Wyse uses Mail Chimp for the Fairfax Federation of Citizens Associations and has had no breach of security. Google has a mail group that I am checking to see if our email lists will be protected, but would also ask if any of you use such a protected mail group for church, school or social groups. Still looking, but our current way is broken. We do post the enews to our website ( in case you are missed.   

Website Security – from Bob Havey, our resident computer guru - Modern web browsers provide an indication of whether a website is secure.  The indication tells you if the information that you are sending is encrypted or clear text (can a snooping bad guy read what you are entering).  In Firefox and Chrome, there is an “i” with a circle around it to the left of the address block (where it says “http://...” or “https://...”).  If you click the “i”, a pop-up box will tell you whether the site is secure.  In Firefox, a padlock icon will also appear if the site is secure.  In Chrome, the “I” will be replaced by a padlock icon for a secure site.  As always, Microsoft handles things a little differently.  If the site is secure, a padlock icon will appear to the right of the address block.  If the site is not secure, there is no indication, but you can click the gear icon-safety-check this website to get a report from Microsoft – clunky, but it works after a fashion.  This is all in addition to “https://...” indicating a secure site.

Site security is important if you are visiting a site because you don’t want your credit card information or your Amazon password to become public knowledge.  It is important if you are building a website because you don’t want to be the one who is causing your users’ information to be compromised and because Google is now using security as a factor in its scoring algorithm, which determines how likely your site is to appear on the first page of a Google search.

20” Boys Bike Needed – Hard to be in a bicycle gang if you are on foot. I promised a young lad that I’d check to see if anyone has a bike they want to give to a deserving youngster. Help me out here West Springfield Village. If you want to sell instead of give – I have a couple dollars to throw at protecting my image with the lad.

Who Are Original Home Owners? Village West Pool Board of Directors want to honor original owners still living in the village at the Pool’s 50-Year Anniversary Gala. I know some, but doubt I know all plank owners.

Early Years Pictures Wanted - The pool and also your civic association would hope you will share pictures of the VW Pool and village construction and the early years of village and pool life.

Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive – from Joan Wheaton (SVD) – Joan wanted to advertise the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive coming up this Saturday, 13 May. For the 25th year, letter carriers in Springfield and Burke will participate in the annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. Please consider donating non-perishable, non-breakable food and personal care items such as deodorant, detergent, box pasta, jelly, macaroni and cheese, dry beans or rice. On Saturday, 13 May, place your donations by your mail box for your letter carrier to deliver to ECHO.  All food collected will be donated to ECHO. Last year local letter carriers collected over 25,000 pounds of food and personal care items to help Springfield/Burke neighbors in need. NOTE – I received the plastic bag in yesterday’s mail; hope you did also.

Joan also wanted to provide a link to the ECHO website page that list the food/personal care items ECHO is in most need of at this time:  

Thermal Imaging Cameras – from Joan Wheaton (SVD) - the library now loans out thermal imaging cameras. It may not be the best season to borrow a thermal camera to check for leaks, but there are 330 holds right now on a total of 13 cameras, so it may be winter before one becomes available. Here’s the link:

The air is now almost breathable and should be just fine by Mother’s Day. Drive carefully over wet streets especially when the children are out.

John Cooley, CAWSV 

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