Village News, 5/25/17

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,

Memorial Day Weekend Activities – We only had two families respond with their interest in a parade so we will forgo it / not have one this year. But, we will again co-sponsor with Village West Pool a pool party and barbeque this Saturday. All are invited regardless of your pool and/or civic association membership. Your CA provides sodas, water, cookies, chips and other drinks for free. The pool will grill hot dogs and hamburgers from 1 – 4:00 PM to sell at modest prices. You are invited, but not required to bring a small side dish to complement typical grill food (potato salad, baked beans, melons, salad, deviled eggs, etc) to share with others. Family members of deployed service members will eat for free. The pool will open its doors free to all in the village during the 3-day weekend (Saturday 1 – 9:00 PM, Sunday 12 – 6 PM and Monday/Memorial Day 12 – 6 PM).

Village West Pool’s 50th Celebration – Saturday, 3 June from 4 – 9:00 PM. Dance the night away with hits from 1967 performed by The New Dominion Band (Jay Walker ~ SVD resident); enjoy delicious food from Rice & Spice (Nuthinepan Tantivejakul - Barnack Drive resident) and purchase a commemorative Anniversary Tee designed by our very own Emma Jones (Jeanne Jones ~ Vancouver Road resident). RSVP to this post or email and then either pay at the door or online at

Tickets prices are: $15 adult meal w/alcoholic beverages, $10 adult meal only, $5 child's meal (10 and under hot dog/chips), 2 and under free. Pool membership is not required to attend this event; come join the fun!

Community Yard Sale – Thanks to CAWSV Secretary Ed Wyse, we had another successful yard sale not only for those selling items, but also for those of us who were able to purchase. Congratulations to Abood Haji who garnered some community service credit for helping Ed put out signs, deliver the list of participants to those selling and then picking up the signs after the sale had ended. Special thanks to the Pappas kids, the Haji girls and to the Mast/Stevens/Gregris and Brennig kids for serving some very good lemonade and cookies.

Community Service Credit - If your child still needs credit suggest they can with adult supervision pick up trash in the Pohick Stream Park or the drainage/park from the tennis courts near WSES to the Daventry subdivision. You may not know where that is, but your kids will. Be very careful along the Pohick Stream knowing it has deep pockets and can be more dangerous than it looks. This is a very meaningful project. Take full trash bags back to your home for disposal with your household trash.

Door-to-Door Salesman – There is a young man in the village selling educational products. He has his receipt for payment for his county license, but does not have the picture license yet. Just a heads up. Seems to be very pleasant and informative.

Happy Birthday – Amanda Cooley!

Take care, stay cool and please drive carefully right on down to the Village West Pool this weekend.  

John Cooley, CAWSV 

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