Village News, 5/30/17

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,

Running this out early this week to give notice about schedule changes and upcoming events, some require a response and are time sensitive. Depending on input, we can still run the enews out on Thursday.

From the Pool - Friday night (2 June) food truck is cancelled, but the Celebration on Saturday night (3 June) is on and should be fun times. We need a good approximation of the number who will join the fun so please RSVP for the Anniversary Party ASAP, but no later than Wednesday this week. eHHere’s the article we ran last week to give more details.

Village West Pool’s 50th Celebration – Saturday, 3 June from 4 – 9:00 PM. Dance the night away with hits from 1967 performed by The New Dominion Band (Jay Walker - SVD resident); enjoy delicious food from Rice & Spice (Nuthinepan Tantivejakul - Barnack Drive resident) and purchase a commemorative Anniversary Tee designed by our very own Emma Jones (Jeanne Jones - Vancouver Road resident). RSVP to this post or email and then either pay at the door or online at

Tickets prices are: $15 adult meal w/alcoholic beverages, $10 adult meal only, $5 child's meal (10 and under hot dog/chips), 2 and under free. Pool membership is not required to attend this event; come join the fun!

Springfield Day’s Craft & Fun Fair – We (all of us) have been invited to Springfield Day’s Craft & Fun Fair at Springfield United Methodist Church on Saturday, 3 June from 9:30 AM until 2:30 PM. See some of the free activities and special events on the attached flyer.

8205 Springfield Village Drive is For Sale – Here’s the link:

Community Cleanup – The date listed in your directory is what we had wanted, but the 24th is the date we got. Here’s a quick list to what they, Fairfax county Solid Waste staff will not take:  normal household trash, brush, yard waste, rocks, brick, concrete, dirt, motor oil, car batteries, paint, roofing shingles, drywall, asbestos, glass, hazardous chemicals and pesticides, toxic waste, animal waste and explosives.

But you can get rid of old lawnmowers (first drain oil and gas), sheds, bbq grills, furniture, bikes, appliances, vehicle tires (4 max, but off rim) and more.

Dog Poop and Leash Law – I think we’ve covered this enough, but have received several complaints of late. So here we go again. Granted, your dog may be a sweetie, but if it runs up to another dog who isn’t so sweet, then someone has a trip to the vet or animal hospital in their future. Perhaps you remember when a village lady got a broken leg by trying to protect her dog from another dog that was off leash. It is the law; what more needs to be said?

Please do walk your dog on the right sidewalk so when nature calls – it can do so in that strip of grass between sidewalk and curb. That area between sidewalk and home belongs to a homeowner and many don’t want dogs leaving their calling cards on their property. Even though we are expected to maintain the verge (sidewalk to curb), it belongs to Virginia.   

Please do pick up your dog’s poop; it is also the law. 

Take care and please drive carefully. Hope to see you at the pool’s 50th party this coming Saturday.   

John Cooley, CAWSV 


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