Village News, 5/3/18

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,


Looks like spring and maybe even summer has broken through. Other than the pollen – it feels great!


Village Meeting – 7:30 PM, 10 May in the cafeteria at Rolling Valley Elementary School. Should take no more than one hour; in fact – I guarantee it will take less than one hour leaving us some time for catching up with each other. Major agenda item that will require a vote is the dues amount for membership year / FY19. Hope to also have an update to the Rolling Road project, but I know that VDOT is wrestling the 6-Year Transportation Plan to pull money from certain projects to help fund the delta in METRO funding.


Village Wide Yard Sale & Free For All – 8 – 2:00 PM, 12 May with 19 May as rain date. Your civic association has placed ads in the Washington Post to include their online service and on NextDoor. We’ll place yard sale signs throughout the village, but have to place them in front yards, not the verge between sidewalk and curb and certainly not in the Rolling Road median. Each participating household should place a sign at the last turn to your home. We will also prepare a list of participants by address and general category of items for sale and attach a copy of the village map to help guide potential buyers to each participating address. We deliver several copies of that list to participants who in turn provide to your customers. We’ll also post on that same list our children’s lemonade stands.


Please let me know your intent to participate with your address and a general category of items you want to sell. We have learned that that category should include some “spice” and possibly free stuff to lure folks to your address. So far we have the following participants, but need a lot more to make this a good use of association funds.


  • 6901 Vancouver Road - wall art, furniture items, clothes, kitchenware.
  • 8305 Wythe Lane - Clothes and lots of toys 
  • 7001 Barnack Drive – Lots of kids toys and household goods.
  • 7006 Barnack – items to be determined
  • 6924 Vancouver Road - dining chairs, a crib, LOTS of baby clothes
  • 8131 Edmonton Court – that is if I can motivate my wife.

Free For All if you have unwanted, items that still have useful life – consider setting them curbside during the yard sale under a sign clearly marking them as FREE. Anyone coming can collect your offerings, but do suggest you mark them in such a way as to not be confused with stuff you intend to keep.


You still have time to be added to the list or to add your children’s lemonade stand to that same list, but if you aren’t selling, get out and be buying.


Future of Lake Accotink - Fairfax County Park Authority is seeking input about the future of Lake Accotink. The major issue is sediment accumulation in the lake. Since Lake Accotink was created in 1940, the increasing flow of sediment from upstream has complicated management of the lake. The lake has been dredged three times in the past to maintain sufficient water depth to support recreational use of the lake, but the time span between dredges continues to decrease while the cost to dredge continues to rise. The accumulated sediment is reaching a critical point once again. Changes in regulatory standards have impacted the options available to the Park Authority to address removal of sediment from the lake, drastically impacting the cost of such a procedure. The options considered in the study include:


            • No Direct Management, allowing the lake to continue to fill in

            • Continue Current Dredging Method, as has been done in the past

            • Dredging with the Addition of a Forebay, allowing for smaller, yearly dredges           

            • Single Stream Channel with Reclaimed Land, modifying the existing dam to revert the land condition to the original stream corridor

            • Single Stream Channel with a Smaller Lake, modifying the dam to create a single stream but retaining a smaller, offset lake


Community input regarding the preferred method of managing Lake Accotink will continue to be accepted through 28 May 2018. For more details or to submit input, please visit the Lake Accotink Park Master Plan Revision website at


Comments may also be sent to For more information, please contact the Park Authority Public Information Office at 703/324-8662 or via email at


Stranger Danger – We had a scare last weekend when two men in a car offered treats to a lady for her dog. Lady responded correctly (in my opinion) and the men drove off. We put out a warning to the village via our FaceBook Group and a day or so later the gentlemen were identified. Apparently, the older man enjoys feeding dogs, fox and an occasional coyote. All ends well, but still a lesson or two in the event: 1) remind your children about your expectations about their response to such an incident and 2) get onto the West Springfield Village FaceBook Group, if for no other reason than to monitor these type alerts and to stay informed. It is not possible to send out an email, but to post on that group is very quick and very effective.


n-Home Sale – of Living Room, Dining Room, Bedrooms plus Irani and Afghani Rugs. 6702 Barnack Drive from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM on 5 & 6 May (Rain or shine). See attached photos.


Contractor Recommendation – Rudy Tarlosky (Edmonton Court) recommends Alan Hartman

703/565-8949 for yard maintenance, landscaping, mulching, small tree/branch cutting, clearing out overgrown brush and general handyman work. He also works with someone who can climb and take down larger trees. Rudy wanted all to know that Mr. Hartman not a business having no license or insurance. But for the work he has done around the Tarlosky home such as clearing out brush and taking down small trees - he’s awesome and reasonably priced. Mr. Hartman works full time on his county job so he may not be right for you if you’re looking for regularly scheduled work.


Plumber Recommendations – I asked Bernie Koehle to recommend plumbing services based on his involvement with the industry. Here’s his responses:


  • General Plumbing such as replacing a faucet, disposal, toilet kitchen faucets:


    • Fort Hunt Plumbing, 703/799-9356
    • FJ Hooks, 703/591-1284  


  • Drain Lines – Magnolia Plumbing, 202/829-8510
  • General HVAC - Hamby Services, 1-800/472-2408


Grandma Needs a Tricycle – for her granddaughter. She is willing to pay for a good, used one or also happy to accept your generosity, call 703/569-2850 or email Bobbie McClain at


Neighbor to Neighbor – We do have good neighbors who are willing to help others by picking up and delivering groceries, preparing meals, assisting harried mothers, raking leaves, shoveling snow, giving a ride to appointments or to airports or going with a neighbor to take notes during their doctor’s appointments? Let me know one of these good hearted folks can help you. And if you are also willing to offer help.  


Upcoming Dates to Remember (full list is in your directory and on our website):


            10 May - Village Meeting at Rolling Valley ES

            12 May – Village Yard Sale and Free-For-All - We need a coordinator for this event.

            13 May – Mother’s Day

            19 May – Rain Date for Yard Sale

            28 May – Memorial Day Parade, Picnic and Pool Party (more to follow)

            9 June – 8 – 12:00 Noon – Community

            16 June – 8:00 AM – 12:00 Noon, Secure Document Shredding at Springfield Government Center

            16 June – Village Home and Garden Tour

            17 June – Father’s Day


WS Village Home & Garden Tour10 – 1:00 PM (note the time change), 16 June. See the flyer below, but this will be a good chance to see how others have modified their homes within county codes. We’d like to get more homes and/or gardens on the tour list and more wanting to join the fun. See the flyer below.


West Springfield Village Home & Garden Tour – 16 June @ 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM, Start @ 6905 Smyth Street. It is free!


The West Springfield Village Home & Garden Tour is a free self-guided tour showcasing some of our West Springfield Village properties.  In 1966, Richmarr Construction Corporation began building what would become the 423 homes that comprise West Springfield Village. The five basic, original home models are the King, Queen (A or B), Prince, Duchess and Duke.  Later newer models were added to the east side of Rolling Road and also east of the previously built homes. As times changed over the past 50 years, the homes and gardens in our village have also changed. This is a great opportunity to get together and learn about the home or garden improvements and their unique challenges, share creative DIY projects and inspire others to start their own projects.  


Maps of the showcased properties will be distributed and the tour begins at 6905 Smyth Street .  Please show up at 6905 Smyth Street to pick up the maps and you can tour the homes at your own pace. The event will be held rain or shine. Homeowners interested in showing their home, part of their home, yard or both, please contact Tim Royster at or 571/ 275-0871 by 1 June to be added to the tour map.


If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail or call Tim.  We look forward to seeing you on the house tour!



John Cooley


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