Village News, 6/14/18

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,


Way to Go Caps! Certain friends chastised me for mentioning NCAA Women’s Softball, but nothing about the Caps. No slight intended. Good enough Liz?


Village Cleanup – Please read this article to the end. The Village Cleanup was a success. Well over 70 households took advantage of the cleanup, including myself. We filled three county trucks which is about what we have averaged over the last few years. But our objective is to decrease the amount of solid waste by reducing our usage, reusing what we can and recycling when appropriate.


Each of us can advertise unwanted treasures in the Village FaceBook Group, in the Enews, in a NextDoor posting, on Craigslist and many other outlets. We run a community yard sale and a Free for All just before the community cleanup trying to get reusable items into hands of others. And, at the cleanup itself, we run the Last Chance Corral in an attempt to give those items to folks who can use them. I mentioned the opportunity to come get free stuff from the LCC in the enews and in several texts my wife and I sent out before and during the cleanup. John Hoffmann sounded like a carnival barker trying his best to place useful items with new owners. Pickup drivers volunteered to transport LCC items back to your home. All that and still some useful items ended up being part of those three truckloads. I have tried before to get charitable organization(s) to come to the LCC late morning to take what their organization could use, but they have not (yet). We’ll continue to try, but when you bring your memories in the form of your child’s bike or similar to the community cleanup – you have to know what will become of it if not taken from the LCC.


We have the county crew from 8:00 AM – 12:00 noon. They pull out at 12:00 noon regardless of where you or we are in the process of getting stuff to the cleanup and moving unwanted items from the LCC to the Jaws of Junk. That’s why we start that movement at 11:45 AM so we aren’t stuck with stuff as they pull out. This is a great service provided by County Solid Waste Division and we want them to come back every year. If you were late, consider next year asking for help or a curbside pickup. But if you do – know ye that we start picking stuff up at 7:30 AM and be ready for the volunteers. Typically we stop picking up curbside at/about 11:30 AM, but we have never missed picking up those items you have asked that we transport to the collection site. We are not licensed, bonded or insured to help you move items from within your home, but do so for our senior neighbors and those incapable physically. And, in case I forget to mention next year - the location of the cleanup is always the parking lot at Rolling Valley Elementary School.


I believe this to be one of the best services your civic association provides with support by county. I hope you had a chance to thank your neighbors who volunteered to help others. Please note the number of your Civic Association’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee members who are in the following list. And also notice the participation and support from my neighbors on Edmonton Court. Thanks all:  Bernie Koehle (Edmonton Court) and his pickup, Mark Gregris (Edmonton Court) and his pickup, Fred Sanborn (Landor Lane) and his pickup, Toan Ngo (Edmonton Court) and his pickup, Jason Henry (Edmonton Court), Bob Lomax (Edmonton Court), Ed Wyse (Loudoun Lane and CA Secretary), Julia Hale (Wythe Lane and Membership Chair), Don Hale (Wythe Lane, Julia’s husband and CA Vice President), Liz Greene (Vancouver Road and CA Treasurer), Glenn DeMarr (Barnack Drive), Sarah & Kai Stevenson and Emmanuel Bennett (SVD and their trailer), John Hoffman (Landor Lane and Chief of the LCC) and Suzanne McCormick (Edmonton Court) who ran the call/text center. Also special thanks Fairfax County SWD Crew.


High School Graduation Announcement – Ariana Porter will attend West Virginia University on a full AF ROTC Scholarship studying Forensics with emphasis on Chemistry.


Note – I taught ROTC and know just how difficult it is to get a four year scholarship. Well done Miss Porter!


Springfield Town Center Development – Kathy D’Amato (Barnack) reported that the owner of Springfield Town Center is now actively pursuing partnerships to develop the mall’s sea of parking lots with a mix of uses to include multi-family units and hotels. While the mall is all that stands on the property now, the owners are in for a big payoff once they act on roughly 3 million square feet of entitled mixed-use development across the expansive site. Here’s the link -


Where’s My Tax Refund? Patty Zevallos (Bluefield Court) reports that her Virginia income tax refund did not deposited on time in her bank account. In fact, the bank employee told her that her own refund was also late. A quick internet search showed many refunds not on time from the Virginia Department of Taxation. Patty called the Department and was told that her refund was "lost in the mail." USPS on-time delivery rates are very high, and it is strange that there is a rash of lost Virginia Department of Taxation mail. In addition, the tax department employee said that if a person sends the return by certified mail to document delivery, for no discernible reason this would add three weeks to the already lengthy eight-week turnaround time. It is possible to file online, but risky, since intel chips in all phones and computers have a backdoor that hackers can get in, and tax returns contain the ideal information for identity theft, including bank account numbers.

She left a message for Delegate Kathy Tran. Tran's assistant, Rodrigo Velasquez, called back, saying that he also found the situation disturbing. He said he would get right on it, and seemed sincere. If your refund was to be deposited directly to your bank account, you might want to check to see it actually was deposited. If not, call them to see if they have a record of receiving it or it is "lost in the mail" (if in paper form). If it vanished, send a copy of your return again to get the next eight-week delay going, but also contact Kathy Tran.

2018 West Springfield Village Home and Garden Tour –We’ll start at 6905 Smyth Street where you can pick up a list of participating homes on 16 June at 10:00 AM and end no later than 1:00 PM. This is a free self-guided tour showcasing some of our West Springfield Village properties. Please pick up a map at 6905 Smyth Street and start touring the homes at your own pace.

Note – at least one home on the tour will be open to highlight some engineering feats on how to blow out a load-bearing wall, enlarge second story rooms or install a full bath fit for the lady of the house, but not to brag. Many of you have made significant improvements or plan to in future projects. I think this tour is a good idea and by visiting each other’s homes – we get ideas for our own home. The event will be held rain or shine. See you on the tour!

Secure Document Shredding – This Saturday, 16 June from 8:00 AM – 12:00 Noon, at Springfield Government Center (must be in line by 12 Noon). You can drop off up to 5 medium size boxes filled with whatever you want shredded. Put your boxes where they can be unloaded easily for you while you remain in your car. For more information -


The Cardinal Flyer - Below are a just few of the articles featured in Tim Royster's June newsletter:   


            Make Summer Vacations Affordable Again - Planning a summer vacation can be great fun—until you start adding up the expenses of everything you’d like to do.  Air travel often comes with sticker shock.  Gassing the car feels tantamount to paying the mortgage.  Many hotels are prohibitively expensive.  Read the full article.   

            Want to Sell Your Home Faster? Try These Tips - When you’re getting ready to list your house, the goal isn’t just to sell— it’s to sell quickly! The longer your house is on the market, the less likely it is to fetch top dollar.  Read the full article.    

            How to Conquer the Fear That Tops Everyone’s List - People often say they fear public speaking more than death.  And it’s not just company presentations or wedding reception speeches that make many people cringe.  Some find any public performance nerve-racking—from mingling at dinner parties to asking questions in company meetings.  If you’re in this club, try these strategies to combat your fear. Read the full article.  

Free Daylillies – Larry Vogt (Sherbrooke Court) has orange daylilies he will give to anyone who is willing to dig them up. And, you can have as many as you would like. They are good for problem areas and for controlling erosion - or just to fill up some area that is empty and in need of "something".  Contact Larry at


Last day of school this Friday and early release. Please drive more carefully knowing that my grandkids (and others) will be outside playing with reckless abandon. Let’s keep them and you safe.


John Cooley



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