Village News, 6/15/17

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,

Yes – I pull a lot of these reports directly from county websites. I know that I should give credit to keep the plagiarism police at bay, but I learned how to be a civic association president in 2nd grade where Mrs. Wright taught me to cut and paste. If you haven’t signed up for county news, suggest you will be impressed with the improvements they have made in their format and content. Sign up at

Village Cleanup and Last Chance Corral24 June, 8:00 AM – 12:00 noon at the parking lot of Rolling Valley ES. Yes, we wanted a different date, but we’re lucky to get the 24th. It’s free for Civic Association members, but membership application forms will be on site for those still needing to join. We will ask new members who join at the cleanup to do so for current membership/fiscal year 2017 and also for FY18. Rolling Valley subdivision residents are also invited to join our CA and to partake in the cleanup.

            You can get rid of old grills, appliances, mowers, bikes, furniture, old tires (off rim) and other items too large for curbside pickup by your trash company. The cost of membership dues is far less than what it will cost for your trash service to do a special, curbside pickup at your home.

            No regular household trash, brick, mortar, ceramics, concrete, stone, dirt, engine oil, car batteries, paint, roofing shingles, drywall, asbestos, glass, waste animal, yard debris, brush or hazardous materials.

            We do have a volunteer pickup and driver; just need more to crew the pickup and also work the cleanup site. Assuming more will step forward to help, we should be able to help move items to the site. Please remember that they will be your neighbors and not paid staff.

            Let me ( / 703/451-7055) know if you will help at the site or as a crew member on a pickup or help at the Last Chance Corral (see below). Also let me know if you need assistance moving items from your curb to the parking lot at Rolling Valley ES.

            Last Chance Corral – Just short of the Jaws of Junk, we put useful items in the Last Chance Corral that can be taken by anyone stopping by. This has been a very meaningful way to reduce and reuse items that still have useful life. So even if you have no junk, stop by to see if there may be a treasure for you in the LCC. Kids love watching the county crew operate the site.

Mosquitoes – They are back and anxious for your blood or that of your pets. County has a good summary of protecting family and pets from mosquitoes. Check it out -

Fairfax County’s Free Summer Entertainment - Bring a picnic dinner, blankets and lawn chairs to enjoy the best local and regional entertainers at the Park Authority’s free series of shows, concerts and movies throughout the summer. Performances in local parks range from children's puppet shows to big band, jazz, bluegrass, rock, classical and world music. Enjoy a nostalgic return to the good old days of drive-in movies and view classics on a large, outdoor screen. Check the schedules at

Who to Call for Inoperative Street Light - If the light is on a public street, call Dominion Energy at 866/366-4357 or email your report at You will be asked for the pole number whenever possible. Here are examples of Dominion Energy pole numbers. The complete format is alphanumeric (1 letter, 4 numbers, 2 letters, 2 numbers), i.e., N1213 AB45, although some poles may only be stenciled with the last four digits (i.e., AB45).

Dog Grooming Service – Grace Branch (Vancouver Road) submitted the following ad.

            "Hello Village residents, my name is Grace Branch. I have just completed the Animal Science 1 class at Edison Academy and have spent the last year providing grooming services to several breeds of dogs. If you'd like to have your dog bathed at a fraction of the cost of local grooming facilities, please consider giving me a call at 706/910-7753."

Home to Rent Soon – Pradeep Narendran and family will move to Texas soon. Their Rolling Road home will be ready to rent around 7 August. Their colonial (Queen Model) home is listed on Craigslist: And on Zillow:,condo,apartment_


13089,38.709022,-77.315426_rect/12_zm/?view=public. Maybe you know of someone looking to rent in our village. Picture is attached.

Seafood Boil – Jeremy Barber (Elkton Drive) is having a Low Country Seafood Boil at his Live Oak Restaurant (1603 Commonwealth Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22301) on Sunday, 25 June from 12:00 noon to 8:00 PM. Cost is $25 per person, but that includes all you care to eat oysters.

Contractor Recommendations Wanted – Looking for a reasonably priced cement company to redo a driveway. Have you had a good experience with a company that exceeded your expectations for quality of work, cleanliness and price? If so – please send me ( their name and contact information. Thanks!

Wanted – Self-propelled lawnmower in good condition, reasonably priced. Please call Rev. John Hoffmann at 703/866-3577.

Stay cool and please drive carefully.

John Cooley, CAWSV 

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