Village News, 6/21/18


Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,


Short report today.


Thanks! Most of us pass the village sign daily and hopefully notice that the sign area is well groomed and neat. That’s thanks to the Kriebel family who have maintained that area for a very long time now. And, they do so voluntarily without payment. If you see one or all of them – give them thanks for a job well done.


Village West Pool - Warmer weather makes a day at the Village West Pool even more inviting. They have many social events there to make your visit more enjoyable and to earn modest money to help finance pool operations and improvements. Visit their website for membership information, information on social events that may be open also to non-pool members and donation opportunities for those who can’t use the pool.


2018 Village Home and Garden Tour – Much thanks to Tim and Yee Ping Royster for organizing this highly successful event last Saturday. This was very beneficial and fun seeing how others handled the architectural challenges of removing a load bearing wall plus new products that make our home remodeling even easier. We hope Tim and Yee Ping will make this an annual event and that more folks will open their homes for neighbors & friends. Here’s some of the feedback from participants:


            My thanks to the residents who graciously opened their lovely homes and gardens for the tour. It was a most enjoyable morning, not only seeing all of the home improvements and ideas but visiting with my neighbors :) Thank again!


            Thanks to all who opened their homes to show us all of their renovations and gardens. We liked everything from additions to the kitchens, dining rooms and basements.


            We thought the first Neighborhood Home and Garden Tour was a success.  We look forward to another one next year.


Home Designs – Often asked if we have the original floor plans for our Village homes. Close as I can come is (1) an advertisement brochure that Bernie Koehle (Edmonton Court) found in his home, but it only has the King, Duke and Duchess models. (2) A website that lists the similar homes and their design in the Kings Park subdivision - Those homes were also built by Richmarr Construction Company as was North Springfield.


We’d love to have a library of design plans for each of our models to include the homes on the east side that were built in the 80’s; please let me know if you have a copy that you’re willing share with the village. Richmarr Construction Company has been liquidated so finding those design plans will be more difficult. I made contact with the Richmarr family, but they have nothing about the design plans nor did they know why our streets were named similar to Canadian or British towns or locale. Any help you can provide is very welcome, but you are welcome to stop by to see what I do have.


Secure Document Shredding – Last Saturday’s event was also a huge success. I got in line just after they started at 8:00 AM and was heading back home by 8:10 AM. All I had to do was unlock the side door and the crew unloaded my documents. This is a great county service. It would have taken me several hours to shred the same with my 12 page shredder. It is an annual event, but they will set up in other magisterial districts if you still want to drop off up to 5 medium size boxes filled with documents you want shredded. For the remaining 2018 schedule and more information, visit


Free Daylillies – Larry Vogt (Sherbrooke Court) has orange daylilies he will give to anyone who is willing to dig them up. And, you can have as many as you would like. They are good for problem areas and for controlling erosion - or just to fill up some area that is empty and in need of "something".  Contact Larry at


Free Ads - If your children are looking for work this summer, we are happy to advertise for them. Lawn mowing, mother’s helper, baby sitting, dog walking, pet care, car washing or whatever their specialty – we are happy to advertise for them. Send me and Webmaster Bob Havey ( a narrative type ad for inclusion in the enews and posting to our website. You can also post directly to the West Springfield FaceBook group and NextDoor.


With all the rain and thunder storms, prepare for the inevitable power outage. Stay safe, be safe and drive even more carefully – our kids are out.


John Cooley



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