Village News, 6/28/17


Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,


As mentioned last week, this goes out a day early this week and will probably be a day late next week. My wife and I hope to take a week off to visit USCGA Cadet 2/C Katrina Cooley in CT.


Community Clean Up Success – Over 75 Village homeowners and renters took advantage of the community cleanup to get rid of appliances, grills, lawnmower, bicycles, treadmills, furniture and other items too large for trash companies to pick up without extra costs. We were helped by the county solid waste crew and 10 of your friends and neighbors. We filled two and a half trucks in just a few hours. Thankfully, the weather cooperated, but also thanks to those who got up early to give a few volunteer hours to the village. Fred Sanborn volunteered himself and his pickup, Jason & Kerri Henry and their daughter Marin volunteered use of their pickup to allow us a second crew to also pick up items from homes. Thanks to Ed Wyse, Glenn DeMarr and Mike Bentley for crewing the pickups and to Chris Pappas for helping us with one difficult collection. Julia and Don Hale plus Bob Havey worked the site as did John Hoffmann who ran the Last Chance Corral (LCC). Thanks also to my wife Suzanne for procuring refreshments for the crews.


The mantra for solid waste management is to reduce, reuse and recycle. We had a lot of items (bedroom sets, planters, furniture, exercise machine, bikes and more) going to be reused in new homes from the LCC. Special thanks to county’s solid waste management crews who separated for recycling appliances and white goods along with other metal items. Overall, a good effort and a good day. And we picked up another civic association member.


Neighborhood Complaints and Concerns – go to this website to find forms to report complaints, concerns and issues in your neighborhood or community Most can be submitted anonymously, but I’d hope that you first have a civil conversation to keep us friendly.


Ikea Closet For Sale – Ken & Tiffany Anderson have an Ikea closet that will not fit into their home. It's a fabulous organizer with a special shoe and pant holder, including a jewelry box but it is 9 feet high and about 10’ wide. Here’s the link to see photos of this unit - New – it is over a $1000, but willing to this one go for $100.00. Contact the Andersons at


Stay cool and please drive carefully. And do be careful with your 4th of July Celebrations.


John Cooley



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