Village News, 6/28/18

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,


Must be summer given the significant reduction in email input – so - another short report today.


VDOT’s Online Services - Need a road repaired? Need something removed from a road? Need signs, signals, or guardrail repaired? Need to report an issue on a sidewalk, or pedestrian or bicycle path? Or you just have questions and / or need information – go to You’ll find the link in your Village directory and on our website (


Reporting an Inoperative Streetlight – now that our kids need those street lights for evening play, we often have to report one that isn’t working. To make such a report - find the light’s pole number on the map at this link: You will have to zoom in until you find the right light and then click on it for the drop down menu that allows to report a problem with that particular light. Can’t get much easier than that.


Home Design Plans –We’d love to have a library of design plans for each of our models to include the homes on the east side that were built in the 80’s; please let me know if you have a copy that you’re willing share with the village. Richmarr Construction Company has been liquidated so finding those design plans will be more difficult. I contacted the Richmarr family, but they have nothing about the design plans nor did they know why our streets were named similar to Canadian or British towns or locales. It was suggested that the developer’s travels to Canada and England may have influenced the names of some of our streets. Any help you can provide is very welcome.


Free Ads - If your children are looking for work this summer, we are happy to advertise for them. Lawn mowing, mother’s helper, baby sitting, dog walking, pet care, car washing, home sitting or whatever their specialty – we are happy to advertise for them. Send me and Webmaster Bob Havey ( a narrative type ad for inclusion in the enews and posting to our website. You can also post directly to the West Springfield FaceBook group and NextDoor.


New Neighbors? - We have had several new families move into the village. If they're your neighbor, ask them to email me so we can add them to the email distribution list. I remind all that new neighbors who arrive our village after 1 November 2017 get full voting rights and membership in our civic association free for the rest of this membership year (ends 30 September 2018).


Happy Birthday Kerry Cooley, my one and only daughter in law.


Be safe, stay safe and drive even more carefully – our kids are out even during periods of limited visibility.


John Cooley


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