Village News, 7/13/18

Village Neighbors / Friends,


I don’t like stuffing your inbox, but I mistakenly included pool member-only events in with those that the pool invites all of us to regardless of pool or civic association membership.


They have invited all of us to the Family Yoga on each Thursday from 7 – 8:00 PM. You can pay and get your wrist band at the front desk. Perhaps you saw the pictures posted to FaceBook, but looks like fun.


The pool board of directors also invite non-pool members to join the CPR Class, Tuesday, 17 July from 6:30 - 8:00 PM. Advance registration is required; go to, click on Activities > Event Calendar > click on CPR Class to register) by Monday, 7/16. Pay through the site or at the front desk upon arrival. The instructor needs to know how many in advance, so you'll need to sign up online.


And they will open their doors to all of us on 7 August for the National Night Out. Expect more on this as we continue to coordinate.


The rest of the events are pool member only, but my mistake will hopefully illustrate the social activities sponsored by the pool board for their members and perhaps motivate more to join.  

Help Needed – The Kreibel family have mowed the area around our village sign for a very long time. But as their children have grown into independent adults, they need occasional help and eventually we’ll need someone else to take on that volunteer task. Please let me know ( if you can take care of the area the first half of August and then work with the Kriebels in a longer term.


Sorry for this correction, but did not want to embarrass anyone.


John Cooley



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