Village News, 7/20/17

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,


Should Fairfax County Allow Airbnb and other Short-term Rentals? Beyond hotels, motels and bed-and-breakfast inns, current question is whether the growing trend of Airbnb’s should also be allowed. Currently they are not allowed, but some are operating anyway. The Virginia General Assembly passed a bill this year that allows localities to create a registry of homes available for short-term rentals. You can voice your opinion in an online survey that has an extended deadline to 31 August (


Advice from a Veteran Real Estate Agent - Becky Duckworth (Barnack Drive) is still licensed, but inactive and not planning on renewing that license this fall. Her success as a RE Agent is well known and documented. She was particularly gifted at pricing properties to make them sell, but also to get the best price for the seller. Becky believes that our village home prices could be worth more that sales comps show. She advises that we have to be careful to stay within the guidelines of the appraisers, but our homes generally are well kept, well built, and are in a great location to commute to area workplaces. It is really easy for an agent unfamiliar with all our village to come in, slap a price on the property and get it off the market with a quick sale. Commission in their pocket, but not the maximum net to the sellers. Becky believes that the homeowner should become knowledgeable and an active participant in determining market price.


Praise for the West Springfield District Police Station - Dennis Gehley (Barnack) wanted to publicly commend the West Springfield District Station for its speedy and professional help in resolving my recent hit-and-run situation. Here’s Dennis in his own words:


My vehicle was parked in a parking garage at Tysons Corner shopping mall. When I returned to the vehicle after 3 hours, there was a note on my windshield from a bystander who wrote the license plate number and vehicle description of a vehicle that had struck my truck.


When I returned home, I immediately called my insurance company and Fairfax County Police Department, West Springfield District Station, non-emergency Citizen Reporting System 703-691-2131. Within 1 hour a police officer came to my house and took details of the accident. In less than 24 hours, he had found the offending vehicle registered in Woodbridge, contacted the driver of the vehicle, obtained information from the driver, and later dropped off at my house a copy of his report for my insurance purposes. On Monday July 10 I took my truck to a local auto body shop and on Tuesday received an email from my insurer (USAA) that it had approved the auto body shop estimate 100% and check was in the mail.


Moral of this story: you can provide a major boost to the police if you at least provide them with a license plate number of an offending vehicle in a hit-and-run-situation. Police do not need your name to track the license plate number of an offending vehicle. Take a moment, write a note, and leave a note. It makes it a whole lot easier to track down the offenders. I am grateful to my note taker (whoever he/she is) for making my life a whole lot easier than it would have been without the note. Police can do their thing better if we do our thing to help them a little.


Thanks Dennis!

Springfield Village Drive, Vancouver Road and Barnack Drive Intersections – that area where the water main broke is still very treacherous for the inattentive driver. VDOT needs to lay the top coat of asphalt and I’m not sure when they intend to do that. Until then, the road can be dangerous and damaging to vehicles if you don’t slow down.


Happy Birthday – Elizabeth Cooley Briggs!


Stay cool folks. Not sure if it is heat related, but my computer is very slow the last couple days. Temperatures do make the Village West Pool even more inviting. Stay safe.


John Cooley


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