Village News, 7/27/17

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Commuter Parking Garage – from Kathy D’Amato (Barnack) – A six-level commuter parking garage is planned near the intersection of Old Keene Mill Road and Springfield Blvd. The 1100 parking space facility will also have space for farmers markets, outdoor movies, commuter buses and slugging. A 200-foot pedestrian bridge is planned over Old Keene Mill Road to provide safe access to Springfield Plaza. Read more about it at


County’s Carryover Funds - Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 carryover funds amount to $59.68 million. The county’s FY ended 30 June leaving unspent or unencumbered funds to be re-appropriated to the current fiscal year (FY2018). The FY17 carryover balance, after funding prior year obligations and associated reserves, is approximately 1.5 percent of the county’s total General Fund budget. Fairfax County Executive Ed Long has presented his recommendations for use of these carryover funds to the Board of Supervisors Find out more at


Shopping Online Woes – I fell for a company’s online pitch that was selling novelty cards and needed two to send to family members. Total cost was less than $20.00, but I went nuclear when they failed to deliver the cards and have for two months now failed to issue a refund. I filed an online complaint against the company with the Federal Trade Commission – and that’s just a start. Folks ought to know not to mess with an angry old man with a computer and free time. When they acknowledged receipt of the complaint, FTC also sent a link to a site that gives advice and possible remedies if you also have been taken advantage of by some low life company trying to steal our money. Here’s that link: Recommend not doing business with Alpha Bargains!


Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Move Nightmare - LTC Glenn Cooley and his family are moving into the area on PCS re-assignment. They were to have a door-to-door move, but were notified after their household goods were loaded onto a truck that delivery would be in at least two weeks out and not overnight or the day after. Of course they found this out late Friday afternoon when the transportation office had closed and the moving company was trying to close its office. Glenn is very capable of resolving this, but it appears that at least one of our military services is contracting with low bidders with very poor customer satisfaction. I miss the days of moving every 1 – 3 years, but Glenn and Kerry’s experience make me wonder why.


Mickie Sullivan – Gar-Field HS Hall of Fame - Mickie (SVD) was nominated and accepted into the 2nd Hall of Fame class at Gar-Field High School in Woodbridge.


Nominations were open to coaches who had participated with distinction and/or made significant contributions to athletics and activities at Gar-Field Senior High School, as evidenced, by the success of their respective teams at Gar-Field. Mickie coached gymnastics for 18 years, winning the Cardinal District championship in Prince William County three consecutive years, 1996, 1997 and 1998. She was selected Coach of the Year in 1996-97 and 1997-98, going undefeated in dual meets in 1996-97. A plaque with her picture and all of her accomplishments will be placed on the Hall of Fame Wall within Gar-Field High School.


All of the inductees will be honored at a Varsity Football game in October, followed by a luncheon that same weekend.


Well done Mickie! We have a lot of amazing people in our village including one who was under the arctic ice cap for over a 100 days in a Boomer Class sub to a world champion Ultimate Frisbee team member and now a Hall of FameraHall . Would like to include more of these type articles and surely you know someone, maybe even yourself whose accomplishments would interest others.


Need to Borrow - Louise Calise (Dante Court) needs to borrow a camcorder for an hour or two. If anyone has one I can borrow please call me at 703/307-7211.


John Cooley



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