Village News, 8/17/17

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,


Real Estate Market Analysis – Natalie Perdue provided more of her insights into the RE market and also the Long and Foster analysis, specifically for our 221542 zip code. I condensed the L&F report, after reading Natalie’s comments:


It has been a seller's market this year in 22152 with multiple offers on "good" homes that are priced appropriately. Some sellers had been too excited about the strong market and overpriced their homes. This is such a bad idea but understandably, sellers often like to "test the market" at a higher price. Currently we have some perfectly good homes sitting in 22152, simply because they were overpriced when initially listed.


More and more we are seeing buyers insist on good kitchen and bathroom renovations. These homes in 22152 are old enough that original or dated kitchens are becoming unacceptable to the young buyers, who more now than ever, want move-in ready.


We predict that the renovations at the high school will help in assuring our West Springfield stays strong and desirable. Our young families moving into the area still tend to rave about our local elementary schools. This is all good news for our residents!


And now from her RE agency: There was a decrease in total units sold in July, with 47 sold this month in West Springfield versus 71 last month. Last July, the median sale price for West Springfield homes was $427,250. This July, the median sale price was $467,000. Note - Median sale price is the middle sale price in a given month. The same number of properties are above & below the median. In July, the average sale price in West Springfield was 99.5% of the average list price, which is similar compared to a year ago. This month, the average number of days on market was 16, lower than the average last year, which was 18.


Question – I think this is good and useful information and we’re not looking to sell our home. Is it something you want included in future enews?


Dogs – Barking dogs, pooping dogs/inattentive dog walkers and dogs off leash. Dogs and their owners are expected to abide by quiet hours as described by county code, but a barking dog that continues over a period of time can also be a violation, day or night. Not a request dear neighbors – it is the law! As is the Pooper Scooper law that mandates we have to pick up what our dog drops while out for a walk. And let’s not forget the Leash Law that requires Fido to be on a leash when off your fenced yard. All are county code / law. If we can’t settle this as responsible pet owners, then we invite the police and animal control into our lives. The police non-emergency number (703/691-2131) to file a complaint. Same number is used to reach out to animal control.


IRS Scam – Some of the incessant robo-calls are fake IRS calls with pre-recorded message. Beware and don’t become a victim. IRS will not call you or send you an email.


Papa John Pizza Cards – Michelle Hamilton has 3 left. You can text or email her if interested in one (, 703/409-9535. Sale ends 31 August, but Michelle wants to sell the remaining cards and close up shop. With the card, you can buy one large pizza and get another one free. There is no limit on how many pizzas you purchase, if you need 10 pizzas, you pay for only 5. Card is $15.00, valid through 8/2018. You can order as many times as you like, carryout only.


October Village Meeting – I asked how many would attend the 12 October meeting if we invite the two candidates vying to fill Delegate Dave Albo’s seat. Counting me and one gentleman from a neighboring community, we had 5 responses and two of those are also on the Village Board of Directors. Trying again - if Kathy Tran (D) and Lolita Mancheno-Smoat (R) agree to give us a few minute discussion about their platform, will you attend? I’d like to know their position on the Rolling Road project and also on the disproportionate funding formulas used by Richmond (for every $1.00 in taxes we send to Richmond, NOVA gets back less than 25 cents while other, less affluent counties rake in up to 75 cents per dollar). Do you have other village specific issues that they can affect as our delegate? I’d rather not hear the universal DNC or RNC diatribe. Will you attend? We do have a couple items of village business, but know we can finish by 8:30 – 9:00 PM.


Help Needed to Convert Excel Database to Mailing Labels – Anyone know how to and are willing to help John & Lois Hoffmann (Landor Lane)? If so – please call John or Lois at 703/866-3577.


Given recent and expected thunderstorms, it is a good time to prepare for foul weather and related power, water and other utility outages.


John Cooley


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