Village News, 8/31/17

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,


Civic Association Membership Drive – We’re now into our annual membership drive. Dues are again $10.00 for Fiscal/Membership Year 2018, which begins 1 October 2017 and ends 30 September 2018. The membership form can be found on our website (, is attached to this email and will be included in the September Village Crier. The form lists payment instructions to include mailing address. You can also pay online using PayPal by clicking “Here” to pay $11.00 via PayPal – the extra $1.00 covers the cost of PayPal processing. Once you join or renew, you will no longer receive recurring email reminders to join/renew for this drive. What better motivation can I offer to get it done sooner rather than later?


We, your Board of Directors and Executive Council welcome your ideas to make our civic association even better. Contact Membership Chair Julia Hale (, John Cooley ( or any on the board of directors or executive committee for more information about our organization. Our objective remains at 75% membership, but our goal is 100%. Talk to your neighbors, especially the new ones about the benefit the village receives from our civic organization.


Regular Trash Pickup on Monday, 4 September – Hopefully you also received the call from AAA/Republic stating that they will operate as normal next Monday.


Trash Can Curbside Orientation – Helen Brien learned from AAA / Republic Services that our trash toters should now be placed on the street with the handle facing your house. The new trucks with one man crews are the reason for the change. Makes sense to cause the lid to open more quickly as the telescoping mechanical arms tilt the toter to dump contents into the truck. Problem may be getting that extra trash picked up when the toter is full.


Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will relocate to the Springfield Metro area bringing more than 3,000 jobs to our area. A $316 million construction contract has been let to build 625,000 square feet of office space on Springfield Center Drive near Springfield Town Center. I think most real estate market analysts will agree that having the TSA close by along with other military and government agencies will help insulate our home values from market fluctuations. It won’t make us immune, but these homes should be in demand for quite some time.


12 October Community Meeting with Candidates – Both candidates vying to fill Dave Albo’s 42nd district seat in the Virginia House of Delegates have been invited to speak briefly about what they intend to do for us if elected. One has accepted, the other is trying to de-conflict her schedule to attend. Now we only need to get enough of us there to make it worth their while. Starting at 7:30 PM, we’ll hammer through the CA business (ratify an audit of FY17, pass a proposed budget for FY18 and elect a new Board of Officers) and then give each candidate a chance to speak and ideally answer a few questions. Please let me know if you want to nominate yourself or your spouse for a Board position (President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer).


From the Village West Pool:


Labor Day = Bring ALL Your Friends to the Pool Day! Village West Pool will be also open for non-members during our final day of the season. So bring your neighbors and friends, especially those who might be interested in a membership for 2018! We will be grilling burgers and dogs from 12:00 noon to 3:00 PM. Pool will be open from 12 – 6 PM.


Dog Swim - and finally, don't forget, we finish Labor Day with our annual Dog Swim at 6:00 PM!


Live Oak Restaurant / Octoberfest – Jeremy Barber’s Live Oak Restaurant has teamed up with Fair Winds Brewery for an Oktoberfest event. The event is September 15th from 3 – 10 PM at the Fair Winds Brewery in Lorton (7000 Newington Road, Suites K&L). The flyer with pricing can be found on our website (last week’s enews) or in our FaceBook Group postings.


While in our FaceBook Group postings, look for one from Jeremy trying to gauge our interest in a Village Dinner at the Live Oak restaurant. Sounds like fun!


Needing to Borrow - John Hoffmann (Landor Lane) would like to borrow a reel to reel tape recorder or reel to reel tape deck. Please call 703/866-3577.


For Sale - HP Printer - $10.00. Works, but was replaced with an upgraded model. Interested? Call Helen at 793/569-7665.


Needing a New Home & Family – Suzi, a half Siamese cat can’t move to her current owners’ next home, but wants to stay in our village. She is black & calico, neutered and has all her shots and up to date health wise. She is about 12 years old, but a great cat. Please call Larry at 703/451-3954


John Cooley


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