Village News, 8/3/17

Dear Village Neighbors / Friends,


Not much to report this week. My son’s household goods were delivered last weekend. The packing/loading crew did not pack as tightly as they normally would have so he and his family did have damage, but all made it to his new Chantilly home. Unloading crew and driver were great taking some of the sting out of his PCS move nightmare.


Leave Room for the Holy Spirit – At least that’s what my brothers and I were told many years ago when dancing with the Southerland girls. That was back in the day, but we now need to leave room in the street for emergency responders and service utility vehicles.


I doubt a fire truck could navigate the poorly parked cars left curbside and blocking too much of the street itself. In fact, the trash truck has to squeeze by slowly leaving me doubt that an ambulance could get by without first having to move parked cars. Not to stretch the point, but would you want the life savers delayed if they we coming to save you?


Park within 12 inches of the curb with both tires parallel to the curb and facing the direction of traffic. Parking curbside on the inside of a curved road eats up navigable street width and surely leads to accidents. We have such a curve on Edmonton Court, Barnack Drive and many other courts, pipe stems and cul de sacs. Here’s more of the county’s parking restrictions:


Annual Sales Tax Holiday 4 – 6 August 2017 – from our Delegate Dave Albo – Tax Holiday is for back to school items and also for items needed for hurricane preparedness. Items in these categories will be excluded from the regular 5.3% tax.


This tax exclusion includes most school and office supplies priced at $20 or less, clothing and footwear, priced at $100 or less per item or pair, hurricane preparedness items/supplies priced at $60 or less, portable generators, priced at $1,000 or less and energy star-labeled appliances and water sense-labeled appliances priced at $2,500 or less. However, you will still pay the 0.7% Northern Virginia sales tax, which is dedicated to transportation projects only in Northern Virginia.


Not only do these tax exemptions apply to in-store purchases, many of them apply to online orders purchases as long as they are ordered during the allotted time period.

For more information on the items which are exempt and more in-depth guidelines visit:


Real Estate Market – Natalie Perdue (SVD) sent a report from her Long & Foster Real Estate Agency that should interest home owners and potential village home owners. Number of units sold in the immediate, West Springfield area are up, active inventory is significantly down, average sale price is up slightly from last year and the number of days a unit sets on the market is down compared to last year. New listings are also up, as are units under contract now compared to last year. The average sales price is about 99.5% of the average list price which is about the same as last year. What does all of that mean? I’d say it is an affirmation that we in the village are pretty well insulated from the market fluctuations.


Fund Raiser for the Vikings Swim Team, Pappa Johns Pizza Cards – from Michelle Hamilton (Barnack) - Buy one large pizza get one free. There is no limit on how many pizzas you purchase, if you need 10 pizzas, you pay for only 5. Card is $15.00, valid through 8/2018. You can order as many times as you like, carryout only.


I bought a card for my daughter’s birthday party last year, thought I would only use it that one time, but have used it several times over the course of the year and saved a bundle- it’s only a 15 minute round trip and the local Pappa Johns (Panera shopping center). They are incredibly nice and always support the local community. Great reasons to purchase: you don't feel like cooking, your kids have friends over and you don't want to spend an arm and leg on food, and of course - birthday parties. Need 12 pizza's, pay for only 6! Please contact me at my email address or cell phone (Michelle Hamilton,, 703-409-9535).


Thompson Creek – a very polite young man was going door-to-door in the village advertising free estimates for roofing, doors, gutters and siding. During our conversation, he said that there are now until the end of August offering 20% off their work. Hope you get a chance to talk to Casey; he is a good representation of his generation. He was a standout pitcher on the Westfield HS Baseball team and a graduate of GMU. You can call 877/664-8855 to arrange for a free quote, but please do give credit to Casey.


Happy Birthday! U.S. Coast Guard Second Class Cadet Katrina Cooley. Semper Paratus Coastie!


Stay cool and please make sure your pets are cool also.


John Cooley


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