Village News, 8/9/18

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Civic Association FY19 Membership Drive –Dues are again $10.00 for Fiscal/Membership Year 2019, which begins 1 October 2018 and ends 30 September 2019. The membership form is attached and can be found on our website ( The form lists payment instructions to include mailing address. You can also pay online using PayPal by clicking “Here” to pay $11.00 via PayPal – the extra $1.00 covers the cost of PayPal processing. Once you join or renew, you will no longer receive recurring email reminders for this drive. What better motivation can I offer to get it done sooner rather than later?


Our membership goal remains at 100% participation, but our objective is as always 75%. With a much reduced need for volunteers and the benefits of being a member – you pay $10 dues and we save you over $100.00. Talk to your neighbors, especially the new ones about the civic association and encourage them to join.


Ice Cream Social / National Night Out – the weather forced us to close much too early, but we did provide ice cream to about 50 youngsters and parents. Thanks to Michelle Hamilton and Monica Gagliano for donating ice cream and indirectly Dale & Beth Marhanka. Thanks also to Michelle and Wendi Dorey for serving and to Wendi’s son Owen for helping. We are considering another attempt (Ice Cream Social only) later this month or Labor Day weekend. Stay tuned for updates.


Short Term Rentals Approved – As expected, Fairfax County has put in place new zoning rules that for the first time will allow homes to be rented out as short-term lodgings, such as those advertised on Airbnb, VRBO and FlipKey.


Until now, the county’s zoning rules didn’t permit homeowners to offer these kinds of rentals, although officials estimate there are at least 1,500 active, online listings for short-term lodging in the county. Previously, the regulations only permitted transient occupancy – that is rentals shorter than 30 days – in hotels and bed-and-breakfast facilities.


The county decided to update its zoning rules because a state law passed last year affirmed local governments’ authority to regulate this type of use. The rules will go into effect on 1 October 2018. Starting on that date, short-term lodging operators must apply for a new $200.00 two-year zoning permit.


Short-term rentals will be allowed in single-family homes, townhouses, condos, mobile homes and apartments with limitations that include:


  • Owners or renters must be permanent residents of the property they offer for short-term lodging. This limitation is to prevent businesses from operating multiple, full-time rentals, like a hotel or motel, in residential neighborhoods.
  • Properties may be rented for 60 days per calendar year.
  • Guests would be limited to six adults, the lodgers must all be associated with the same rental contract and only one contract per night is allowed. This is to prevent multiple rentals of a property by unrelated groups at the same time.
  • Operators must identify an authorized agent, who will be available in addition to the operator, to address problems that arise while a property is being rented.
  • Operators must have one designated parking space available for lodgers.
  • Regardless of where posted, advertisements must include an operator’s short-term lodging permit number and identify the location of the required parking space and any other available parking.
  • Properties may not be rented for events or commercial purposes like parties, weddings or fundraisers.
  • Properties must be made available for inspection by county code enforcement inspectors upon request, and properties must comply with state building safety rules.


Short-term lodgings will generate new tax revenues since operators must pay transient occupancy taxes. As an example, county leaders calculate that these rentals would generate approximately $428,268 in transit occupancy taxes a year based upon the estimated 1,500 active listings. Of this amount, $249,823 would go to the county’s budget fund and the remaining amount would be used to support tourism and regional transportation as required by state law.


For more information on the new zoning regulations, including permit requirements, contact the Fairfax County Zoning Administration Division at 703/324-1314.


50th Wedding Anniversary – Congratulations to Dick & Jule Ann Cheslock (SVD) on their 50th anniversary. We are lucky to have them village neighbors & friends.


Kindergarten Play Date – from Amanda Jones, the West Springfield Elementary School PTA President. Saturday, 11 August from 10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon at the school’s playground. Family and siblings welcome! Come meet all the new kindergarteners and their families and start making friends! See you there! 


Food Drive - Piper Rigsby and Rhyanna Ashton are continuing to work on collecting food for the food bank that feeds Rolling Valley Elementary students for our GS Silver Award.  They're working with the PTA and the VW Pool and have put boxes there for food collection. Please help them help others and achieve the Girl Scout Silver Award.


Upcoming Events (look for updates in the weekly enews and on our website):


  • August 28        First Day of School
  • October 11      WS Village Meeting, 7:30 PM at Rolling Valley Elementary School    
  • October 27      WS Village Halloween Party & Chili Cook-off – open to all.
  • November 4    Daylight Savings Time Ends
  • November 6    Election Day
  • December 22  WS Village Christmas Party – open to all in the Village.


Happy Birthday! Shelly Fowler (Edmonton Court)


Please ask your delivery drivers to slow down, turn their music down and keep a sharp lookout for our children at play. We have had some near misses.


John Cooley


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