WS Village Yard Sale

Saturday, May 13, 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM. Your civic association will prepare a list of participating addresses to include a general category of items for sale at each location. We’ll attach that list to a copy of the village map and distribute list and map to each participant for you to give to your customers to guide them to the next sale location. Ads will be placed in the print edition and online at Washington Post and on NextDoor. Signs will be placed along Rolling Road and side streets, but participants should plan to place their own sign at the last turn guiding folks to your home. For the sake of picking the village signs up after the sale, please don’t move them. Since we can’t put signs in the median of Rolling Road or even on the strip between sidewalk and curb – we ask that we be allowed to put signs in RR front yards at strategic locations. If you want to participate, send your general category of items to Ed Wyse at No need to list every item, but you do want to motivate those who look at the list - to want to come to your address. Spice up your list up to attract buyers to you. Listing free stuff seems to attract buyers.


Free for All – Same day and times as the yard sale. Similar to the German Sperrmuell – you can put curbside useful items that still work that can be taken free by anyone who passes by. Suggest you label those free items and place them separate from other stuff you don’t want taken.

Event Date