Village News, 12/3/20

Highlights:  COVID-19 Update, Christmas Party and Caroling – Cancelled, Holiday Decorating Contest, Yard Waste, Recycling, Kerri Henry Pottery Home Show, Oak China Cabinet for Sale, Christmas Trees for Sale, Post Office Update, Holiday Gift Card Drive, Handmade Christmas Ornaments, ECHO Toy Drive, Christmas Gift Wrapping Service, Prep for Winter

Village News, 11/26/20

Highlights:  Directory Ads, 2020 Directory Advertisers, 7th Annual Victim Service Division Holiday Gift Card Drive, Handmade Christmas Ornaments, House of Ruth, Delegate Kathy Tran, Veterans Tele-Town Hall, COVID-19 Update, Social Distancing Spots in DC Area with Kids, ECHO Toy Drive, Christmas Gift Wrapping Service

Village News, 10/29/20

HighlightsNew Neighbors? Rolling Valley ES Playground and Fields, Community Parking District Restrictions, Deliveries to Wrong Addresses, Driveways, Property Acquisition / Eminent Domain, Proposed Ban of Plastic Lawn & Leaf Bags, Curbside Collection of Leaves, Voting in 2020, COVID-19 Update, Halloween, The House of Ruth, Scouting for Food, Girls Scouts Fall Products Sales, DST

Village News, 10/22/20

Highlights:  New Neighbors?, Voting in 2020, Curbside Leaves Collection, Plastic Lawn & Leaf Bags, COVID-19 Update, An Offer to Help+, Neighborhood Food Drop, Photocopying at a Great Price, Halloween, The House of Ruth, Girls Scouts Fall Products Sales, Thank You!, Family Announcements

Village News, 10/15/20

Highlights:  Civic Association Membership, Voting in 2020, Curbside Leaves Collection, COVID-19 Update, Village Meeting, An Offer to Help+, Kerri Henry Pottery, Yard Sale, Shredding Event, Neighborhood Food Drop, Photocopying at a Great Price, Halloween? What do we do?, Nightmare Alley