Village News, 10/28/17

Halloween Party, VW Pool Chili Cook-Off and Food collection scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, 29 October are cancelled due to forecasted rainy weather. Pool Board officers are considering next Saturday, 4 November for the Cook-Off, but they need to hear interest from enough of us to warrant the event. We can also gather non-perishable food at the same time, but will not make up the Halloween Party.

Village News, 10/26/17

Membership drive still ongoing, Prescription Drug Take Back Day, Halloween Party at Risk of Rain Out, American Trash Company Also Offers Village Rate, Leaf Raking, Lawn Mowing, Snow Shoveling, Baby Sitting, Parent Helpers, Live Oak Restaurant, DST, Vote in General Election on 7 November.

Village News, 8/31/17

Civic Association Membership Drive, Regular Trash Service on Labor Day, New Orientation for Trash Toter, TSA to move to Springfield, 12 October Meeting with Candidates, VW Pool News, Octoberfest, Village Night at Live Oak Restaurant, Needing to Borrow, For Sale and Needing a New Home