Recommended Contractors

ML Trees

Ben Migliaccio has used Marvin from ML trees multiple times to do work as had Ben’s neighbor. Marvin does outstanding work is licensed and insured, and is honest which is hard to find in that industry. His equipment is well-kept and up-to-date and they do a thorough cleanup after the job is done. He can be reached at 540/229-9285.

Horacio Garcia - Gutter Cleaning and Landscaping

We read the winter prep article in last week's enews and it motivated us to recommend Mr. Horacio Garcia (571/439-9384) to clean rain gutters. He did a great job at a reasonable price. He also trimmed overgrown trees back to the size and shape that makes you glad you didn’t tear them out and start over.  But the best part Edie says is that Horacio took those tasks off their winter prep list.

J & F Specialties, Inc

J & F Specialties is owned and operated by Village resident, John Boynton (Truro Court). You may recall that previously John offered to help older residents or those with physical restrictions with home projects. Even though that program has ended (for now), some of the beneficiaries want to thank him. Here is one such note from Andrew Bilski (SVD):