Village News, 02/14/19

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


Yes! - College Softball Season is here! Several games are on ESPNU today.


Income Tax – Have heard a lot of political rhetoric about the tax cuts. Just finished one for a friend who actually got back a smaller refund than last year. But, when you add their refund to the difference in withholding from their 2017 paychecks and that from 2018 paychecks – they pocketed $778 more even though their income rose by over $10K. At first they only focused on the smaller refund until we added that to the reduction in withholding. Look at the numbers and ignore the political posturing by both parties. Maybe one of the village CPAs would want to chime in here; anybody?


A Generous Offer from a Village Contractor – We introduced this before and actually have three homes who have or will benefit from this generous offer. You can see that those who fit the profile below may not be on email. Please print and deliver a copy to your neighbor who may not use a computer or have email. Material costs have to be paid by the homeowner.


A general contractor and Village resident wants to offer help for homeowners who may need assistance with home maintenance, minor repairs and small projects. We’re not talking lawn or leaf work, instead emphasis on interior tasks. He says he’d commit 1 or 2 from his staff who could help maybe one homeowner a month or so depending on time available. He and I discussed who would benefit the most so I responded with the following list or criteria:


  1. Original owners
  2. Those over 75 years of age or who have physical impairment.
  3. Those who have lost their spouse
  4. Spouse of deployed service member
  5. Those in categories 1 – 3 who want to sell their homes to move into assisted living.


Not often we get such a good hearted gesture and we’d want to do this right. So – if you are needing such assistance, please let me ( know what you may need done. Selection of who receives the work has to be completely random, but it’s not often we get such an offer. I know this gentleman and also the quality of his work.


Property Management - Ghezal Gobar (Brisbane Street) is a property manager for KRS Holdings Inc. He runs the Northern Virginia Office for KRS. Clients of KRS Holdings have enjoyed the benefits of this equation to property management for well over a decade – enhanced bottom-line plus peace of mind … knowing that your property is well managed to attract and retain tenants. As a property manager for lenders and property owners throughout Virginia and Washington DC, KRS Holdings will meet and exceed your property management needs whether for:


  • Apartments
  • Single family homes
  • Duplexes
  • Commercial developments, and
  • Office buildings


Successful property management is based on simple math: Add value to your assets, subtract unnecessary expenses. An added plus is that your lifestyle will remain unaffected by the day-to-day needs of your rental property.


Your requirement may be as a rental property investor seeking professional assistance in managing your real estate assets. Alternatively, lenders often call upon KRS Holdings for aid in managing or selling a foreclosed property.


Whatever your property management needs may be, KRS Holdings stands ready to serve. Give me a call or email me today. It never costs anything to talk! Office 703/254-5812, Cell: 571/329-5247,,


Trash and Recycling – Patty Zevallos (Bluefield Court) is passionate about the poor service and the commercial haulers disregard for the county’s own trash & recycling regulations. She or I can send you her full article, but here’s a summary.


            “According to reviews on Yelp, only two trash companies who are licensed in Fairfax County have good service and adhere to laws, and neither of them service our village. Here is what I found on Yelp: Out of five stars, the three who are currently serving village residents (Republic, American and Bates) all scored very poorly at 1.5 stars.

The rules and procedures that commercial haulers are expected to follow is at this link:


Maggie McFly's - opening at Springfield Town Center – submitted by Kathy D’Amato (Barnack Drive) - The long-awaited replacement for Wood Ranch BBQ & Grill at the Springfield Town Center is scheduled to open this week as soon as Wednesday, more likely by Thursday. The restaurant will seat 270 with menu entries including: Ahi tuna nachos and giant pretzel appetizers to artisan pizzas, Cubans and pulled pork sandwiches, roughly 16 burgers, giant salads, fried avocado, gyros, pastas, and Cajun jambalaya. And chicken. And fresh fish. And steak and ribs.


Here’s the link to read more and to see the source of my plagiarism:


Snow Blower Still For Sale (Price Reduced) – Ariens Deluxe 24 – Snow is in the forecast. What better time to buy a hardly used snow blower. New it costs $1000 - $1200, selling it for $600.00. More information and specs can be found at Call Bobbie McClain (6902 Ontario Street) at



Stay safe and warm.


John Cooley



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