Village News, 1/10/19

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,


A Genuine Offer from Local Contractor – A general contractor and Village resident wants to offer help for homeowners who may need assistance with home maintenance, minor repairs and small projects. We’re not talking lawn or leaf work, instead emphasis on interior tasks. He says he’d commit 1 or 2 from his staff who could help maybe one homeowner a month or so depending on time available. He and I discussed who would benefit the most so I responded with the following list or criteria:

  1. President of our Civic Association – Ha!
  2. Original owners
  3. Those over 75 years of age or who have physical impairment.
  4. Those who have lost their spouse
  5. Spouse of deployed service member
  6. Those in categories 2 – 4 who want to sell their homes to move into assisted living 

It’s not often we get such a good hearted gesture and we’d want to do this right. So – if you are needing such assistance, please let me ( know what you may need done. Selection of who receives the work has to be completely random. I know this gentleman and also the quality of his work.

Dump Run - Last week, we included a request from a village lady for help moving a broken 40-pound mini fridge to the dump. Sue Borschel reported back that the outpouring of messages from folks willing to help reminds her why she loves our village community. I second that Sue.


Trash Service – I have written Republic Services to ask what we can expect from them going forward. I suggested some retraining of their customer service reps who too often uninformed and/or rude. One such CSR actually accused me of being aggressive and hung up on me.

I know that entire industry is in flux due to environmental restrictions and China’s ability to make demands on recycle commodities causing the need for secondary sorting. My problem is the absence of a HOA/CA representative which means I can call for myself and only my address. I remind you that we each have a separate agreement with Republic and you will have to call them whenever you are missed.

All have twice per week collection of household trash on Mondays and also on Thursdays. Most of us do not have enough household trash for the second pickup, but some have bagged leaves and yard debris that can be put into the trash toter. I’d much rather they pick up yard debris separately, but from our last Wednesday yard debris collection on 19 December until our first Wednesday collection on 6 March 2019, smaller amounts of yard debris can be put out with your household trash. It will not go directly into the landfill, but instead burned in the incinerator.

Also, Gus Hagi (Edmonton Court) is willing to haul your bagged leaves to the I-95 Landfill. You can negotiate with Gus by calling him at 703/589-4424.

Indoor Yard Sale - Saturday, 26 January, 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 6509 Sydenstricker Road in Burke. Rent a table for $15.00 and sell you own yard sale items. Vendors can rent a table for $30.00 and sell their home business items. Proceeds benefit the Youth Group Pilgrimage trip to England in July. Deadline to reserve a table is 14 January. For more information or questions, contact Jeanne Jones (Vancouver Road) at

Contractor Recommendations:


            1. Hamby Services / Comfort One AC & Heating (1-800/472-2408) – Bob & Jane Lomax just contracted with them to replace their HVAC systems and were very pleased with their price, quality workmanship and cleanliness.

            2. Juan Claudio Tree Service and Landscaping (540/522-3273. He took out a large oak from my home and ground the stump for a reasonable price compared to other estimates. While here, he also pruned other large oaks removing dead limbs and limbs too close to our home and power lines. I intend to use his company in the spring to power wash our home. He did work for another village resident who wasn’t as satisfied, but Mr. Claudio and the homeowners resolved the issue.


We never truly know how a contractor you used will perform for the next village customer, but that shouldn’t stop us from reporting your own good experience. Your recommendation is free advertisement for your contractor and should help you secure a good price during contract negotiations. I base my own recommendation on price, quality of workmanship, cleanup and their cleanliness during the project (no smoking, drinking, cursing, etc).


Lastly, our webmaster maintains a list of recommended contractors on our website ( and please don’t forget those who advertise in our directory. Let them know you saw their ad in our directory.


Happy Birthdays – Brendan James Cooley (AKA “Angler” - 11 January 2019). Young man habitually catches the first fish, the most fish and the largest fish when he goes with his father and wee ol’ grandpap.


Congratulations – Caitlin K. Cooley, my niece was accepted to Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine in New Mexico. She’s still waiting for word from Washington State University and Pacific Northwest School of Osteopathic Medicine. Way to go CC!


Winter is coming; stay warm!


John Cooley



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