Village News, 11/1/18

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,


We ended the drive with 305 members and another 8 who promise their check is in the mail. If you are in the group of 125 who have yet to join – please do and soon if being included in the next directory is important to you. At least let me know if you still want the enews.


If you have new neighbors, please let them know the benefit of our citizen’s association. If you get new neighbors who arrive after 1 November 2018 they receive free membership for FY19; we just have to gather their name, address, phone number and email address.


Invitation for the Unveiling of the Military Sculptures - at National Harbor on Veterans Day. See the attached invitation, but Kathy Ciro (Ontario) wanted to invite all in the village knowing we’ll enjoy and appreciate the recognition of the services and service members. See attached.


2019 West Springfield Village Directory AdsSteve Hue at Printing Ideas asked again for our help in getting the rates and opportunity for ads out to potential advertisers. We are thankful for those who advertise since that allows us to get the directory at little or no cost. We also include directory advertisers on our website and in at least two enews during the year.


Here are the 2019 Community Directory ad rates: 


  • Back cover (8x10") = $275.00
  • Inside Front or Back cover (8x10") - $225.00
  • Full page ad (8x10") - $150.00
  • Half page ad (5x8") - $100.00
  • Quarter page ad (4x5") - $65

Request type of ad and email PDF or JPG ads to


Aerial Photography of the Village – Jeff Carter (Ontario) found this opportunity to view our village with different layers dating back to before our homes were built. It does take a bit of patience to learn the various layers, but this is very cool! Go to to see you home before construction and several decades after it was built. I know that if I can manipulate the site – so can you. Thanks Jeff!

Village Vehicle Traffic – Stop Signs are meant for vehicles to stop – full stop - and then proceed only after making sure it is clear in all directions. Apparently some don’t understand that the stop sign also means that as you pull away from the stop, you are expected to yield to oncoming traffic. We have too many reports of drivers running or rolling through stop signs to include when our children are walking to school or their bus stop. Slow down! The speed limit on all village streets is 25 MPH other than Rolling Road which is 30 MPH. Even 25 MPH is too fast when our kids are out front playing. If you order home delivery and have a chance to ask delivery drivers to drive carefully and slowly in our village, please do. OK – off the soap box now.  


Trash Collections – Republic missed a lot of us Monday for recycle collection. I hope you also called them at 703/818-8222. They have their problems with crews and vehicle maintenance, but we have to have a plan for when we’re missed. In my case, I left the toter curbside for next day pickup, but I think all would agree that toters eat up curbside parking and are rather unsightly. Move them off the curb as soon as it’s reasonable. Overflow trash has to be bagged to keep it from blowing in normal autumn winds. NOTE – that curb where I left my toter is too short to park any car.


Halloween Party / Chili Cook-Off & Food Drive – last Sunday at the Village West Pool. Thanks to Barbara Naylor, Wendi Dorey Pool President Jen Guernsey and a host of volunteers – it was another successful party and food drive. Jason Henry won the Chili Cook-off, but only after Michelle Hamilton appealed for more contestants. Before her emotional outcry, I had it won! Michelle’s daughter Ava collected a lot of food for the two drives she was supporting. I hope that GS Silver Award is bestowed on her soon. Good job Ava!


Taste of Greater Springfield (TOGS):  Our friends at the Rotary Club of West Springfield (who pick up the trash on Rolling Road every three months) are hosting their 6th Annual TOGS event on Sunday, November 11 from 3:00 - 6:00 PM at Waterford Receptions on Commerce Street.  Come hungry and enjoy food from many local restaurants.  Price is $30 for adults, $25 for active duty/veterans, $10 for ages 6-13.  Get complete information and purchase tickets online at or contact Jim Kirkpatrick at 703/866-7078.  All proceeds go to scholarships and community service projects.


Upcoming Village Events (updates included the weekly enews and on our website):


November 4    Daylight Savings Time Ends

November 6    Election Day

December 22  Village Christmas Party – open to all.


Stay safe and vote!


John Cooley


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