Village News, 1/16/19

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,


I’ll run this out a day early this week so folks can plan for their Sunday evening supper (see first article below).


PotLuck Social – 5:30 PM, Sunday, 20 January in the cafeteria at Rolling Valley Elementary School. Open to all in the village and Rolling Valley subdivision. Also open to those whose children attend West Springfield or Keene Mill Elementary Schools. Our civic association, the Village Pool, The Vikings Swim Team and the RVES PTA are teaming up to share costs for this fun, family event. If you can, bring a dish to share with 6 – 8 others, but not required. There is a sign up genius at to report your willingness to help and/or bring a dish, etc.


And let us know if you will attend at:


They will try to have a TV on there with the game for the die-hard football fans. Should be fun!


What Should I Be Paying for Trash Service? – We all have twice per week collection of household trash even though many don’t put trash out on both days.


  • Quarterly Rate: $75.50 abase rated + $1.50 rate increase = $77.00 ($25.67 per month).
  • Quarterly Senior/Military Rate: $70.35 base rate + $1.50 rate increase = $71.85 ($23.95 per month).


And, there is another planned $1.00/month increase starting soon, not to mention the one-time $1.50 per customer for expected heavy leaf collections in November – even though they picked up far less than normal.


Have asked county to find out why they are increasing our rates while decreasing the quality of their service and forcing us to call their often rude and uninformed Customer Service Representatives (CSRs). I’ll relay any answers we get, but remind all that you should call each time you are missed. I can no longer call for the village, just my own address.


Missed Trash and Recycling Pickup – Hopefully, you were able to follow the discussion from several of us who called to report missed collections on Monday. OK – weather was an issue so no big deal. But they told some they’d pick up on Tuesday, others on Wednesday and then they told me Wednesday, but actually called back to say – no – they’d make it up on Thursdays. But then came today to at least pickup recycling. Also received a robo-call saying they’d pickup Christmas Trees this coming Saturday instead of the first two Wednesdays of the year. Expect more of the same.

2019 Community Directories – Hope to pick them up end of this week and then all we have to do is watch the weather forecast before delivering them. Will contact those who volunteered to deliver door-to-door once we have them in hand.


A Generous Offer from a Village Contractor – We introduced this last week, but those who might best use this generous offer may not be on email. Please print and deliver a copy to your neighbor who may not use a computer or have email. I also forgot to mention that any material costs have to be paid by the homeowner.

A general contractor and Village resident wants to offer help for homeowners who may need assistance with home maintenance, minor repairs and small projects. We’re not talking lawn or leaf work, instead emphasis on interior tasks. He says he’d commit 1 or 2 from his staff who could help maybe one homeowner a month or so depending on time available. He and I discussed who would benefit the most so I responded with the following list or criteria:

  1. Original owners
  2. Those over 75 years of age or who have physical impairment.
  3. Those who have lost their spouse
  4. Spouse of deployed service member
  5. Those in categories 1 – 3 who want to sell their homes to move into assisted living


Not often we get such a good hearted gesture and we’d want to do this right. So – if you are needing such assistance, please let me ( know what you may need done. Selection of who receives the work has to be completely random, but it’s not often we get such an offer. I know this gentleman and also the quality of his work.

Random Acts of Kindness – Snow normally brings out the best in all of us. While I was grabbing a few more Z’s, my neighbors not only cleared my sidewalk and driveway, but also all on our Edmonton Court. Thanks to Mark & Jessica Gregris and also to Jason Henry and his daughter, Avery. There were a lot of similar messages on our FaceBook group.

Filled Leaf BagsGus Hagi (Edmonton Court) is willing to haul your bagged leaves to the I-95 Landfill. You can negotiate with Gus by calling him at 703/589-4424.

Indoor Yard Sale - Saturday, 26 January, 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, 6509 Sydenstricker Road in Burke. Rent a table for $15.00 and sell you own yard sale items. Vendors can rent a table for $30.00 and sell their home business items. Proceeds benefit the Youth Group Pilgrimage trip to England in July. Deadline to reserve a table is 14 January. For more information or questions, contact Jeanne Jones (Vancouver Road) at

Before the Next Snow Storm - Snow Blower For Sale – Ariens Deluxe 24 – Hardly use; just in time for winter use. New it costs $1000 - $1200, selling it for $650.00. More information, pictures and specs can be found at Stop by 6902 Ontario Street to see it, but first call Bobbie McClain at 703/569-2850. This could become a money making business for some enterprising teenager(s).

Kerri Henry was right - winter is here; stay safe and warm!


John Cooley



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