Village News, 1/18/19

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,


Sorry to stuff your inbox, but some of what’s below is worth yet another email enews.


Rolling Road Project Update – I asked for an update knowing that the noise analysis should be done and decisions made about adding potential sound barrier walls to the final project design. There will be none in our area other than possibly on the east side of Rolling Road where there aren’t any homes.


Mr. Andy Beacher responded “I was able to touch base with the project manager, Hamid Misaghian, and have learned that the final report for the noise analysis is currently under review by Central Office staff.  It will then be reviewed at the Federal level.  We expect this all to be complete by roughly the end of the month”. 


And, if you are following the proposed schedule – Rolling Road homeowners may soon be contacted by property acquisition folks. Andy did not give us any estimate of when, but as soon as the Phase II design is finalized – they can begin. Suggest arming yourself with your real estate assessment. Virginia (VDOT) now owns that portion of your front yard known as the verge (sidewalk to the curb). Minimally, that utilities easement will have to be moved back toward your home, how far will depend on the final design, the sidewalk width, the verge width and the curb plus the size of the water catchment system they’ll put under the sidewalk.


Trash & Recycling – This has become a mess! Let’s start by asking - did you sign and return to Republic Trash the agreement we negotiated in the fall of 2017? It was distributed by enews many times and as also put onto our website. Did you read the specifics in that agreement to include their need to alert us in writing 30 days prior to rate increases? If you have a beef with them, call 703/818-8222 to address it, but don’t say that your civic association has an agreement with them because we don’t. I negotiated a rate with them for West Springfield Village and Rolling Valley subdivision households, but the agreement is between you and them, valid until 30 November 2020. Some had thought that the rate would apply to them even if they did not sign and return the agreement. It did not nor does it.


I did ask our Springfield District Supervisor, Pat Herrity to look into Republic’s questionable business practices. A county rep contacted me to gather more information and promised to find out why Republic has gone south and to get back to us with their findings. We do know that all commercial trash haulers just had another annual price hike per ton of what they bring to the incinerator/landfill.


Not sure what else to tell you other than I’m in the same boat as you and have to deal with their CSRs just like you. But having that agreement in hand gives me a leg up in that discussion. I attached it again for your review and use as you may decide.


PotLuck Social – 5:30 PM, Sunday, 20 January in the cafeteria at Rolling Valley Elementary School. Open to all in the village and Rolling Valley subdivision. Also open to those whose children attend West Springfield or Keene Mill Elementary Schools. Our civic association, the Village Pool, The Vikings Swim Team and the RVES PTA are teaming up to share costs for this fun, family event. If you can, bring a dish to share with 6 – 8 others, but not required. There is a sign up genius at to report your willingness to help and/or bring a dish, etc.


And let us know if you will attend at:


They will try to have a TV on there with the game for the die-hard football fans. It will be fun and encourage all to join us there!


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) - USDA Plan Provides for the Early Release of February Benefits for SNAP Recipients Richmond, VA (January 14, 2019) - Virginia’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients will receive their February food benefits early due to the federal government shutdown. This change will affect all SNAP recipients in Virginia scheduled to receive benefits during the first week of February, regardless of case number or usual issuance date.


I have the full message concerning SNAP if you need a copy.


Stay safe, warm and dry.


John Cooley


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