Village News, 12/10/20

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

    Slow Down! – For the love of our children – slow down! I hit a child in Turkey when he attempted to run across the road directly in front the vehicle I was driving. He was not seriously hurt, but scared almost as much as was his father on one side of the street, his grandfather on the other side and me. If I could share that feeling of despair I had with those who drive too fast on our residential streets – this message would not be necessary.

    Speed limit is 25 MPH on all village streets except Rolling Road where it is 30 MPH. Most of us realize that 25 MPH is still too damn fast when the kids are out playing and enjoying life. Most, but not all. Please Slow Down!

    Some suggested we install speed humps, but the last time we tried this - we had 53 responses (12% - hardly a majority) from village residents and that 53 included  several from adjacent Rolling Valley subdivision. About a dozen of the respondents said no to traffic calming and another 8 said yes to traffic calming, as long as it isn’t speed humps. The rest (33) said yes, only about 300 shy of what we needed to proceed. Residents in Kings Park have told me that speed humps create a drag way between the humps. Drivers slow down to go over them and then rapidly accelerate until they approach the next one. VDOT did promise consideration of traffic calming before and during the RR project assuming frustrated drivers will look for a go-around. Even then, I doubt they would install speed humps.

    Let’s concentrate on the answer. That is me and you and all drivers, young, old and in between assuming a driver’s rightful responsibility for our children’s safety. Slow down!

    Covid-19 Update – Fairfax County has had 32,022 confirmed cases (up 2,602 from 12/03/2020), 2,627 hospitalized (up 63) and 645 deaths due to virus or comorbidity (+6 from last week).

    Supervisor Pat Herrity stated in his last Herrity Report that over 80% of COVID deaths in Fairfax County have been adults 65 and older and over 95% of all deaths have been adults 50 and older. The vaccine should soon to be available, but will require two vaccinations either 21 or 28 days apart. Health care workers and residents at long-term care facilities will likely be among those receiving initial doses. The general public is expected to have vaccinations available in May or June next year.

    Holiday Decorating Contest – Even though the Christmas Party, Caroling and Visit with Santa events are cancelled due to the virus, we can still enjoy the Holiday Decorating Contest safely. Many of our homes are beautifully decorated and worth loading the family into your car to drive to see what others have done. It takes less than an hour and is good family fun.

    It’s a friendly competition to honor 1st – 3rd place winners with the coveted yard sign we place in respective yards until the New Year. Thanks to those who have already volunteered to judge, but we need more, especially from you good people on the east side of Rolling Road.

    All you have to do is drive to see each home as depicted on the community directory centerfold (I have more maps, if needed) and then submit your top 5 picks based on whatever criteria you and your family use (theme, use of props, lights, simplicity, etc). Why 5? In case of ties after we tabulate your input with all others. So – care to entertain your family and vote for winners in the contest? Just let me ( know ASAP and certainly before the judging period (17 – 20 December).

    Yard Waste – Two more Wednesday collections of yard waste for those who have Republic service (16 & 23 December). They have yet to confirm that they will collect Christmas trees (with all tinsel and decorations removed) on the first two Wednesdays of the New Year (6 & 13 January). After they collect trees (if they do) they will then suspend Wednesday yard waste collections until the first Wednesday in March 2021. We can put a small amount of yard waste in with our household trash but in the toter, not on the ground beside it.

    Expect a ban on plastic lawn & leaf bags will be in place before 1 March 2021.

    Click-N-Ship – Have you seen the lines at our post office? How can we ship a package and avoid standing in that line? Kerri Henry reported that we can use the Clink-N-Ship service afforded us by the USPS. Establish an account at and then you can fill out your shipping labels and determine postage, print label and postage on your own printer and pay the postage from the comfort of your home or office. You can ship at flat rate or weigh your package using kitchen food scales to determine the postage required. And after you affix the labels and postage simply drop it off at blue box at our post office or schedule a pickup from your home by our carrier. Kerri says that the blue box is often full during the holiday season, but you can also leave the boxes on the counter under the post cards (left of those in line) within the sight of the clerks.

    Contractor Recommendation / Winter Prep - Edie Moore read the winter prep article in last week's enews and it motivated her to recommend Mr. Horacio Garcia (571/439-9384) to clean rain gutters. He did a great job at a reasonable price. He also trimmed overgrown trees back to the size and shape that makes you glad you didn’t tear them out and start over.  But the best part Edie says is that Horacio took those tasks off the Moore’s winter prep task list.

    Celebrity in Our Midst - Have you ever wondered how Miranda Lambert won all of her awards? Or how Old Dominion got from Virginia to Nashville? You can find the answers in “Honky Tonks to Stadiums”, a podcast created by West Springfield senior, Avery Henry. With the help of her aggravatingly curious father, Jason, Avery tells you how country music superstars went from small town Honky Tonks to sold out Stadiums.  

    Christmas Trees For Sale - The Knights of Columbus Council 6153 is/are selling Christmas trees in the lower parking lot of Saint Bernadette Catholic Church, 7600 Old Keene Mill Road.  The lot will be open from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM on weekdays, and from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM on weekends.  Go buy a tree, a wreath and or a swag to support the charitable work of the Knights of Columbus.

    Handmade Christmas Ornaments - Celia Cavizza is selling Christmas Ornaments that she has made herself. Celia lives at 8111 Springfield Village Drive and can be reached at 703/451-7540. See all on the attached flyer.

    Free Glider Chair - Pick up on Wythe Lane or I can deliver it to a driveway in the neighborhood. Email Chris at if interested.

    Christmas Gift Wrapping Service – Teresa Weir (Springfield Village Drive) will wrap your gifts for very reasonable prices as seen below. Let’s help this young college student earn money as she helps us gift wrap presents.

    Stay safe, happy and healthy.

    John Cooley, CAWSV


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