Village News, 12/13/18

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,


The enews is sent to myself; your email address along with 99 of your neighbors’ addresses are placed on the BCC line. It isn’t meant to be personal or directed at you other than what you know applies to you. And, the enews has often been dumped unceremoniously into suspected spam or junk folders. I assure you it is ok to whitelist my email addresses ( and I am not a spammer.

Republic Curbside Trash Collection (if you are missed, please call 703/818-8222):

Separate Yard Debris Collection Ends Soon – Yard waste is collected on Wednesdays from 1 March through 24 December. That means our last Wednesday collection will be on 19 December until 6 March 2019. You can still put out some yard debris with your household trash. In the past, they asked for it to be separated from household trash, but I suppose that allows them to decide whether to take it or not. It is a whole new game.                                  

Christmas Tree Collections – Christmas Trees up to 8 feet long will be collected on the first two weeks of January on Wednesdays, 2 and 9 January 2019. Trees not picked up by the second Wednesday in January will be collected with your trash the following week.                    

Holiday Trash Schedule – There are no collections on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. Fortunately, Christmas and New Year’s Day both fall on Tuesdays this season and should not disrupt our service.

Volunteers Needed – to deliver the 2019 Community Directory about mid to late January depending on when the print press can get them ready. Community Service credit is available for those needing such.


Unsolicited Robo Phone Calls – Wow! I don’t dare answer our phone anymore unless I recognize the caller ID. We have been besieged with requests for donations, calls from Russia and Nigeria wanting to give me countless millions if only I provide my personal information to include bank accounts. Should be rolling dough any day now. If a charitable organization can pay for professional solicitors, their overhead is probably high. Meaning that not all of your donation gets to those you intended to help. Do the research.


Amada Recinos Home Cleaning – she has cleaned my home for over 10 years. She is honest, loyal, affordable and very good at cleaning. She cleans several village homes, but has room for a few more. Your choice on her cleaning your home on a schedule (weekly, twice monthly, once per month) or just before and/or after special events / holidays. She can be reached at 703/987-5243.


VFW Open House - Springfield VFW Post 7327 at 8350 Terminal Road in Lorton will have an Open House from 5 to 9:00 PM, Saturday, 15 December. Please RSVP / Thanks Ittylene!     

A Practical Approach to Decluttering and Right-Sizing Seminar – Free! Sponsored by Village Realtor Tim Royster. Saturday, 15 December 2018 from 10:00 – 11:00 AM in the Rolling Valley Elementary School Cafeteria. Call, text or email Tim Royster at 571/275-0871 or to RSVP. See attached flyer for more information.

Security – Packages are arriving daily at many Village homes. Suggest a cooperative agreement with your neighbors to help them secure their home deliveries when they aren’t home and hopefully they’ll help you in return. First agree and then help out.


For Sale - White Twin Size Sleigh Bed and Nightstand - with large storage drawer underneath, 12" thick Serta NorthStar Serenity Mattress and Nightstand. Only $195. John Hoffmann (Landor Lane) 703/866-3577.



Upcoming Village Events:


            1. Holiday Decorating Contest, 13 – 22 December – Your family is invited to drive the village to pick your top 5 winners based on whatever criteria you and your children want to use (theme, use of props and lights, sounds your children make when they view a decorated home). Refer to the map in your directory to see each of the homes in the village Send your 1st through 5th place winners to Tim Royster ( to tabulate and then place the highly coveted signs at the winners (1st – 3rd place). We ask you for 1 – 5 to help prevent ties.

            2. Christmas Caroling, 22 December -– Jason & Kerri Henry will again lead a group of carolers from the Village West Pool to the Cheney’s home also on the 22nd. They normally start walking and singing at/about 5:50 PM. Words to the carols will be provided to help make this another joyful, family event whether you join them or are serenaded by them if they pass by your home.

            3. WS Village Christmas Party, 22 December - at Don & Susan Cheney’s 6702 Ontario Street home. We start the celebration at 6:30 PM. Don & Susan will provide a nice fire, hot apple cider and treats for all to enjoy as we wait for Santa Claus and possibly Mrs. Claus to make a pre-Christmas visit to our village. You are also invited to bring holiday treats to share and a clearly marked gift for your child if you want Santa to present the present to him or her. Drop off those clearly marked gifts with your child’s name written on it before we start gathering at/about 6:30 PM. Santa believes that he will arrive at/about 7:10 PM. This is a fun family event that all of us can enjoy even if bitterly cold that evening. Regardless of the weather or your religion, come celebrate the holidays with neighbors and friends.        


Christmas Story - with meaning for all. I’ve included this before, but in my opinion – it’s worth repeating. In northern Iraq, my wife and I noted that most Kurds in the Kurdish controlled areas also celebrated Christmas with their Christian neighbors, as did the Yazidis, Armenians, Turkmens and other “minorities”. In fact, each sect celebrated the other’s holidays as well as their own. We hope for the same Christmas holiday spirit - peace, tolerance and understanding for all by all in our diverse village.


Happy Birthday Madeline Paige Cooley!


Stay warm; hope you can safely enjoy the holidays.


John Cooley




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