Village News, 12/24/20

Dear Village Neighbor / Friend,

Merry Christmas! Certainly hope we all can enjoy a Happier, Healthier & Prosperous New Year!

    Holiday Decorating Contest Results - Proving once and for all that it isn’t those who vote that count, it is those (me) who count the votes. And the winner is 8131 Edmonton Court – my house! Yeah!

    I can see some of your heads exploding about now, but I am just joking. Actually, we have many homes that are masterfully decorated this year with a variety of inflatables, lights, hologram projectors, figurines and nativity scenes and other cut outs.

    Thanks to the judges: the Latham family, Ed Warren family, Deb McKay, Carter Steger, the Swanson family, Womack family, Bowab family, Weir family, Kathy D’Amato, the Mast Family, Maria & Bill Daugherty, and the Maegers. Most commented that it was good family fun.

    And the actual winners of the 2020 Holiday Decorating Contest are:

              1st Place – 6805 Landor Lane, Bill & Carrie Mast

              2nd Place – 6702 Ontario Street, Don & Susan Cheney

              3rd Place – 8135 Springfield Village Drive, Richard & Jule Ann Cheslock




    Not a good picture, but…


    Honorable Mention (in no particular order):  7905 Springfield Village Drive, 7000 Elkton Drive, 8132 Edmonton Court, 6808 Ontario Street, 6912 Ontario Street, 6800 Ontario Street, 6813 Brisbane Street, 7004 Elkton Drive, 6710 Barnack Drive, 6803 Ontario Street, 6809 Ontario Street, 6810 Landor Lane, 7006 Barnack Drive.

    Take your family and go have a look-see. Also check out the home on Bellamy Avenue north of Greeley Boulevard plus one on Smithfield Avenue. You’ll know which ones I mean when you see them.

    COVID-19 Update:  Fairfax County is in the first phase of distribution for health care workers and long-term care facilities. This phase of vaccinations go to people over 75 and frontline essential workers. That’s still quite large groups and VDH will have to divide these groups into subgroups. For the general public, you will eventually be able to get the vaccine at no cost, wherever you normally receive your flu vaccine. Vaccines will also be available at hospitals, public health facilities, private practices, pharmacies, urgent care centers, and safety net providers.

    Wrong Address Deliveries – Might want to check to see that your street address is visible from the road to include at dusk and into darkness. Too many are not.

    Yard Waste – Well, the best information is that Republic is now done with separate yard waste collections on Wednesdays until 3 March 2021. Until then, we can put a small amount of yard waste in with our household trash in the toter, not on the ground beside it. They say that they will pick up Christmas trees on the first two Wednesdays of the New Year. In fact, the CSR I spoke with said they would collect trees 30 December – 20 January, but habitually it is first two Wednesdays only.

    ECHO is Closed for Now - ECHO volunteers will be taking a rest while ECHO is closed from 23 December 23 through 1 January.

    Free Loveseat – Great condition. Interested? Contact Susan at




    Traffic Alert / Rules of the Road –Advise family drivers and guests who turn onto Barnack from southbound Rolling Road to come to a full stop when the light is red, then turn when it is clear. Why do I sound like the Catholic Nun who kept telling us Cooley boys to leave room for the Holy Spirit as we slow danced with the Southerland girls? Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, stay 6’ apart, pick up what your dog drops and for the Love of God – full stop on red before turning right!

    Merry Christmas! Celebrate and rejoice safely, stay healthy and hope all have a Happier New Year, COVID-free!

    John Cooley, CAWSV


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