Village News, 12/27/18

Happy New Year WS Village Neighbor / Friend,


Looking Back at 2018 and Forward to 2019 - Hope all safely enjoy the arrival of 2019. As 2018 draws to an end, I’d like to thank those who volunteer to make our village a community instead of just another subdivision. Each member of the CAWSV Board of Directors and Executive Council have served our community for several years now. The good thing about their lengthy service is that we have been able to reduce the need for volunteers and have streamlined our own efforts in respective positions. The bad thing is that we do need a periodic infusion of new blood and ideas, especially from younger residents. We’re all busy, but volunteering to help our community won’t add much to your busy lifestyle.


Our West Springfield Village FaceBook Group allows each of us to post without waiting for the weekly enews. If you aren’t in that group, I highly encourage you to join it. Some say that they don’t do FaceBook and other social media, but when their family pet is missing they have to track me down or another neighbor to help get the APB out. And our website is light years ahead of when we first started it. Many get excited about the website about the time you decide to sell your home. I maintain that we all should help get potential buyers and renters even more excited about our community.


We are relatively insulated from crime, but not immune. If we continue to look out for each other, our properties and our families – we’ll continue to avoid a lot of what surrounding communities have to endure.


And what other beneficial citizens’ group can you join for a mere $10.00 per year dues? We get a large bang for the dollars we spend to benefit our village; that is when we get a good number of households on the membership rolls.  


The same has to be true for the Village West Pool and each of the schools our children attend. I think we, the community have a good lash up with each and certainly all of us are invested in their success as well.


I have enjoyed teaching my grandkids about why we conduct a twice yearly cleanup of the neighboring woodlands and why we knock on each other’s door just to say hello or to give a warm and caring hug. It doesn’t take much time to add to our West Springfield Village experience. Thanks to those who do and for the rest - come join in.


Holiday Decorating Contest – And the winners are – all of us who drove the village to see wonderful displays of Christmas lights, ginger bread men and other themes and props. My favorites are the nativity scenes and the simple elegance of the cutout Santa you will see on Hathaway Street. Get out and see for yourself. Congratulations to the winners!


Christmas Caroling – I admit that they couldn’t have won any talent contest, but it is fun and entertaining to those along their caroling route. Well done Henry family! But, this was Jason & Kerri Henry’s last time as organizer of the event. We’ll need someone with younger children to take charge starting Christmas 2019. Photos needed for our website; please send to


WS Village Christmas Party – As always, great job Don & Susan Cheney! Thanks for hosting the party at your Ontario Street home; it was great meeting neighbors and watching our children’s excitement when Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived. This is a fun family event that all of us can enjoy regardless of religious beliefs. Thanks also to Santa and Mrs. Claus for their time spent with our children & grandkids. Mine were surprised that Santa somehow knew that they’d be there and had a gift for each. And, thanks to Rudy & Denise Tarlosky for character acting and bringing joy to our kids.  Photos needed for our website; please send to


Five More Volunteers Needed – to deliver the 2019 Community Directory about mid to late January depending on when the print press can get them ready. Community Service credit is available for those needing such. We have 13 routes and now have 8 volunteers. Thanks to those who already volunteered, but again – most habitually respond to the needs of our community. How ‘bout you?


Stay dry and warm; hope you enjoy a very Happy New Year!


John Cooley


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