Village News, 12/31/20

Dear Neighbor / Friend,

Happy New Year! Please celebrate safely!

    To Ensure a Happy New Year - VP Bernie Koehle suggests that just before midnight we open our doors and windows to let out 2020 and to welcome in 2021. Not sure who suggested it, but also just before midnight, stand up and lift your left foot off the ground as the clock strikes midnight to ensure we begin 2021 on the right foot. My wife, Suzanne insists that eating black-eyed peas will at least help us have good luck in the New Year. She makes Texas caviar which is very good even if it doesn’t bring Happier, Healthier New Year. If you have a fail-safe tradition, please post it to our Facebook group – we need to do whatever we can for a Happier, Healthier and Prosperous New Year! Good luck good people.

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    COVID-19 Update:  As of yesterday and since 17 December, Fairfax County has had 4,451 more confirmed cases (39,016 total), 194 more hospitalized (2,968) due to the virus and 30 more deaths (695). Thankfully, vaccinations are on-going.

    Directory Deliverers Needed – We should get the 2021 Directories back mid-to-late January and will need 13 volunteers from both sides of Rolling Road to deliver them door-to-door (without contact with recipients). We’ll give you a route indicating the street addresses on that route who get a directory and then you deliver as the weather and weather forecast permit. We leave them just inside storm doors, on benches, chairs or tables near front door, but where the wind and rain/snow can’t get to them. This is a good mission for older children, especially when paired up with another volunteer, but some of the routes require crossing a road. Each route has less than 30 to deliver and should take less than an hour.

    If you did not join or renew your membership, but want a copy of the directory, we’ll have extras available for $10.00 each – and – that comes with free membership in our CAWSV for the rest of this Fiscal Year. Other than $10, we’ll need your names, address, phone number and email address.

    Snow Shovellers Needed – we had two ladies offer to help with leaves and also with snow, but one will move too soon (know of anyone looking to buy a village home?). And, the other lady will need more snow shovellers. Whether you will help for pay or out of the goodness in your heart, please let me know so we can direct you to those in need. Right now we have two (one on Loudoun Lane and one on Glover Court) who will need help and I am certain there will be others – if only they can set aside their pride long enough to take help. I know many help your immediate neighbors and our entire community is thankful. Just want to line up those willing to help with those who will need help before the first real snowstorm.

    Drivers are Required to Stop for Pedestrians - (not just yield, but full stop) for pedestrians in marked and in unmarked crosswalks until the pedestrian has cleared the lane in which the vehicle is stopped. I admit that I did not know the full extent of this change until Jason Henry pointed it out.

    This includes all lanes and both directions at 1) clearly marked crosswalks; 2) any regular pedestrian crossing (such as residential intersections) even if unmarked; 3) or at any intersection where the maximum speed limit is not more than 35 miles per hour.

    When a vehicle is stopped for a pedestrian, the driver of any other vehicle approaching from an adjacent lane or from behind the stopped vehicle shall not pass the vehicle that stopped for the pedestrian.

    Drivers of vehicles entering, crossing, or turning at intersections shall change their course, slow down, or stop if necessary to permit pedestrians to cross such intersections safely and expeditiously.

    Pedestrians crossing highways at intersections shall at all times have the right-of-way over vehicles making turns into the highways being crossed by the pedestrians. Just yesterday morning, a motorist stopped on Ontario to allow me and our family’s dog to cross Birmingham. At first I thought it was a sterling display of courtesy and then realized that it is also the law. None-the-less, I’m going with courtesy and my heartfelt thanks!

    Failure to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians at such described locations are subject to fines from $100 - $500.

    Handheld Devices While Driving - As of 1 July 2020, it became illegal to have any kind of communications device in your hand while you’re driving, including talking on the phone. It technically became a law on July 1, but starting 1 January 2021, it will be enacted and enforced.

    Republic Trash Rate Increase – Did you also receive a letter from them saying their rates will increase 1 January by $1.69 per month or $5.07 per quarter?

    No Community Cleanup in 2021 – county is not even accepting requests for scheduling community cleanups. They did promise an update if the situation will allow, but no promises. For a negotiated fee, CAWSV VP Bernie Koehle ( is willing to transport items when he goes to the dump. Those items that you can’t otherwise arrange to have picked up curbside by your trash service company.

    Celebrate Safely Good People! And, let’s hope we all have a Happier New Year, COVID-free!

    John Cooley, CAWSV

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